The Realm Flourishes and Grows

The land is ever-growing, ever-expanding, as mankind continues to expand its power and reach. The darkness is constantly trying to push back, constantly trying to fight our progress, but still, onward we must go and onward we are going.

Long has it been since the original Kingdom was founded, by our ancient ancestors. These great Lords called this land Brookenheim and it was the first of its kind, the first bastion of power in which mankind would fight back against the barbarians and the wilds that surrounded them, ever threatening to snuff them out.

Brookenheim first realm

As time went on, we learned and prospered, expanding not only our knowledge but also our might. This enabled and emboldened the next generation of adventures, who like their forebears were all too eager to mark their names in the history books and start their own chapters.

This drive to push ever onward has led to a rapid series of new Kingdoms being founded, as we continue to push the limits of our realm. This has not been an easy task and more often than not, it has resulted in much bloodshed and grief, but in the end, it has been worth it.

How the Realm Grows

How the Realm Grows

How the Realm Grows

As can be seen above, we have dotted out the horizon with the sheer volume of Kingdoms we have founded. Too many are they all to name, but many of their adventures and deeds have been recorded here in the Chronicles, and as we suspect, many more will be.

We now rest at 89 Kingdoms, the latest of which is Gostor, a young and bustling Nation, less than a week old, but already showing significant progress and ingenuity.


With a population of 20,771 towns, we expect this Kingdom to be overflowing within the next week, which will result in yet another Kingdom expansion and another push into the wild unknown.

Where will this all end, and can mankind continue to expand at this rate? Can this be sustained forever? The answers to these questions are yet unknown, but regardless of the results, the Chronicle plans on being there every step of the way, recording our grand history as it unfolds, from now, until the end of times.

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