Week No. 5 – Stormfall front lines stories

Day the Twenty-First:

Got the night off today; it was a nice chance to get used to my new body. I ventured out silently in search of my previous Lord to inform him that there is a traitor in his midst. I was unable to locate him, but saw a fair few of my old Dwarven friends.

They didn’t see me though; I was in the shadows the whole time. I couldn’t risk identifying myself, I know the Silent One Elders wouldn’t approve if I did… And who’s to say my friends would believe me, in any case? They looked happy, that was good. It’s good to know they still have their health. Started noticing things more… For instance, I can count the number of men in any room or a field in an instant.

The second I lay eyes on them, I can tell you their number. Maybe this is why we’re spies – we don’t own a notebook or anything; we can take a look and that’s that. Also noticed how fast I am when outside the Everdeep Halls. My legs are light as air, and I don’t make a sound. It makes a man feel powerful as anything. Oh, I found my journal; had to take it from a chest in my old pal Grandar’s room – looks like he was keeping it for the memories… I hope he’ll not be worried when he finds out it’s missing!

I left him a message on the wall anyway. Mind you, I hope he doesn’t panic and think a ghost came by for a look around in the night. In hindsight, I probably should have taken a second to explain myself. “It was me” written on the wall doesn’t really give him much to go on. Smearing it in my own blood probably didn’t help too, but I didn’t have a quill handy. Life goes on, he’ll understand.

Day the Twenty-Second:

Here we are. Back in my journal – it’s much more convenient than writing in chalk on the walls of my chamber. Now I can write everything exactly as it happens… So, I’ve had an interesting week or so after my reincarnation… This Silent One caper is much better than expected; I’ve started to really enjoy myself.  I was issued my weighted boots today. It’s heavy for now, but I’m told when I take them off for missions, I should be able to move up to 30 times faster than other units.

Coming from being a dwarf, things can’t really get much different. Two distinctly different ends of the spectrum – I think my old beard alone weighs more than I do now… I ate food today for the first time in weeks! I don’t like the starving thing, but it helps to keep the weight down. I wonder if I’ve still got the hungry brain from my dwarf days, or the belly. Don’t think there’s a way to check. I shall ask around.

Day the Twenty-Third:

I’ve been sent out to work for a Lord from this morn. Apparently, he’s new; so me being a low Level Silent One, I’m being sent out with a band of fellow fresh-faced scouts to work for the Lord… temporarily. I’m excited to see what it’s like, I’ve heard his Castle is in an excellent location, but the fact that he’s an inexperienced Lord brings its own risks, as you can imagine! You never truly know what can happen. Hopefully he has some sense about him. We shall see… big day tomorrow!

Day the Twenty-Fourth:

First day at the new place; Lord F’s the guy’s name. This place is a right mess; even with Lord P, as much as he might have been missing a few tools from his tool-box, at least he kept his place clean and tidy… And at least he had some shelter built for everyone. Honestly, the place is disgusting – dirt everywhere, bodies decaying outside the walls… Even the Buildings are the smallest I’ve seen…

I reckon I’ve seen about three laborers come out of the Barn all day; there’s no way he’s producing enough Resources to supply an army of even two hundred men! I don’t know what he’s playing at really, he’ll never take over Darkshine at this rate, but maybe he’s happy enough to just exist without pulling up any trees. I’ll be here for a while I think, I didn’t see any details on my order papers from the Silent Ones Guild about the date of my return. Looks like I’ll be kipping under a tree tonight… Lucky old me!

Day the Twenty-Fifth:

Second day here… Still a mess! Spent the night under a tree in the most unimaginable torrential rain you could ever dream of. I’m surprised my journal isn’t falling apart. I have left it by the fire to dry off, but when I woke up it was sodden wet all of the way through! Thought I’d lost it, but the gods decided to let me keep it! Good for me, I wouldn’t know what to do without it – I’m pretty much on my own here, and being a Silent One, it’s not as if I can have a chat with anyone and get some new pals!

Join our units and fight!