Week No. 4 – Stormfall frontlines stories

Day the Fifteenth:

Still not sure what’s going on Stormfall, but this is the third wall of four that can be written on (unless I grow soon and I can reach the ceiling). I divided my walls up into sections for each day. The guards – at least I think they’re guards anyway – keep checking on me. They open the door; flash a light around the room and leave. Twice this morning they handed me another scrap of paper telling me that I’m “good” at being silent … whatever that means! It’s like they’re training me for something. Been looking for a way out, one way or another – I wouldn’t half mind another reincarnation about now. I’m pretty sure I’ve drawn the short stick on this one!

Day the Sixteenth:

I’ll get the big news out of the way first, and it’s something I’m not sure if I’m happy about yet or not: I’m a Silent One – a member of the Shadows! This morning, or this evening, (some time in the dark, between the time I wrote my last entry and now), they came to collect me. Hoisted me over their shoulders and carried me up through the halls of Everdeep. I’d guess at about two or three hours they were carrying me, walking directly down the hallway – I’ve never imagined a single hallway being so big, it was unbelievable. Nobody said a word the whole time; not one utterance of a noise. Even though the floor was filled ten inches high with water, the guard carrying me didn’t make a sound. It was surreal. I caught a glimpse of myself today – dressed in all black, armor plated leather, I must say I look rather dashing; at least compared to my old dwarf self. I was handed my tools of the trade. Tomorrow is my induction; training, I think. Excited.

Day the Seventeenth:

First day of my induction into the Silent Ones Guild! First on the agenda, as always … was being silent! Wherever you go around the halls, there are reminders that being caught is the number one crime a Silent One can commit, and that being caught is usually down to being heard first, before being seen. “One may close their eyes, but one may never close their ears” it says under the insignia. It’s all a bit weird for me, but whatever keeps them happy, I guess. A good old “if you get caught, you’ll get killed” is good enough to keep me on my toes! They showed me around, but that was about it. I got to silently look at my other Silent One brethren, and they silently looked at me back. Silently, I think they approved of me.

Day the Eighteenth:

First day of training! A huge, lumbering, mountain of a man gave me my first lesson today. He walked to the end of the corridor, through puddles of water, wearing chains made of loose glass and metal, yet he didn’t make a sound. Once at the other end, he signaled me to do the same. First step – noise! Tried again; repeated the failure. Three hours later, I finally managed it. Didn’t make a sound whatsoever! I think I’m starting to understand what all this Silent One stuff is about – it felt pretty good. It felt powerful. Next training day is tomorrow, the big fella pointed outside the window today, so I’d guess I’ll be sent outside on a mission. But, what actually happens is anyone’s guess!

Day the Nineteenth:

Second day of training! Absolutely loved it – I was a success, and the most fun I’ve had for a long, long time. My instructor handed me on a map a small location far outside of these walls, with a picture of one of Balur’s spies on it. A piece of paper told me to collect information, like a town survey – but highly illegal and by the cover of night; in order to find out what was happening at that castle. I left the halls of Everdeep; immediately upon entering the outside world, I felt ten times lighter and faster than I’d ever felt before; I managed to sneak in the shadows, completely unnoticed, and once there, even stole some of their Master’s food before continuing my mission. Thinking back, I should have poisoned him there and then really … Anyway, I was collecting my information, writing down my findings, when one of Balur’s spies spotted me – it was the one from the pictures I’d been given. Immediately I knew what to do. Instinctively, intuitively, intrinsically, I knew what to do. My legs propelled me up into the ceiling, into the shadows, where Balur’s spy couldn’t see me. He appeared disoriented, and made a run for the door. That’s when I jumped down on top of him and took him out. A swift, quick, slice to the neck, and everything was over. Exhilarating – what a rush! I returned home before sunrise and that was that. My trainer nodded at me, approvingly (I think). It felt like he was impressed!

Day the Twentieth:

As of this morning, I’m officially a member of the Silent Ones Guild. I woke up, in the darkness as always… Wet! I am gradually getting used to the fact that everybody here sleeps in puddles of water, on stone, and in a constant state of pitch-black. Bit grim, but apparently it helps you to be silent – at least, I hope there’s a method behind their madness. So, I woke up to the sound of my chamber door opening, with the sole light being alone, flickering flame in the hallway. I walked out to put the flame out, and that’s when I saw it! It must have been ten thousand Silent Ones all there, looking at me. One of them, the closest one, the one with a golden helmet on – I guess he’s important – handed me a scrap of paper (as usual). It told me that I was now an official Silent One and a member of the Brethren forever. It also had the instructions for an official Silent Ones handshake, incase, in the future you must identify yourself! I couldn’t read it though; it was too complicated for me. Maybe one for another day … Anyway, they looked at me as I read it. Then when I finished, they were all still staring at me. I wasn’t sure if I should speak, but I guess it would be frowned upon – not their style, of course. So, tentatively, as a sign of celebration, I just slowly raised my right arm in the air. They followed, mirroring me. There were now 10001 Silent Ones raising their right arms in the air in the corridor. I held this pose for a good twenty or twenty-five seconds, as did they – in silence. I then turned and began to walk back into my chambers, now an official member of the Silent Ones Guild. They walked away, still in silence. I wasn’t sure if I made a fool of myself or if it was a normal response, but I guess they really take that whole Silent One thing a fair bit too literal.