Stormfall troops’s third week

Day the Ninth:

Early morning! It was a difficult night; we didn’t finish reinforcing the walls, and the Orcs struck dead on midnight. We sustained light casualties – a few injuries here and there, someone had their knees broken, but thankfully nobody died. By 2am we’d bested them and were finished, but now we’ve got the mess to clean up. It’s a lot warmer out here than back home at the Castle, and the bodies have begun to decompose already … And that’s not the worst of it; where the Orcs lie, where their blood spilled, these weird, red, evil-looking plants have begun to sprout through the ground … They’re almost a meter tall and it’s only been 4 hours since we put them down! It’s like the ground is alive; like the world around the Beacon is feeding on the blood of them. My god! Anyway, on to lighter matters; I was shown to my chambers after the battle – to my new room. I love it. Talk about an upgrade from sleeping in squalor or under a tree; my room is filled with magnificently carved furniture, and each time I walk to and from my bed, I pass a mural of our great Lord. It warms the cockles of my heart, it does. About time, too, I was just about to lose my mind and start hurling things around!

Day the Tenth:

We’ve repelled nigh on 15 waves of Balur’s evil spawn without trouble, but now rival Leagues have begun to challenge us. So far, we’ve driven them all back off the land. We’ve lost a lot of men, but it seems like our Lord has angered some of his rivals … Maybe all those messages he’s been sending weren’t simply glad-tidings after all. More strange things have been happening here every night. I’m not sure what it is exactly, but I’m suspicious. One of Lord D’s Necromancers tells me it’s because of all the Dark Essence we’re taking from the Beacon. On to more important matters – woke up to the shock of my Dwarven life. I think my beard has gotten even shorter in the night by about an eighth of an inch – this is on top of the last time this happened on the eighth! I asked the Necromancer if it was a common side effect, he told me it’s not, but that I could have just imagined it. I didn’t listen to him and so interrogated another 6 of my brethren – my next prime suspects – but they’re not giving anything up. I’ll get to the bottom of this and report back! This mischievousness must stop … perhaps it was those devious Elves?

Day the Eleventh:

Never fear, for I am still on the case of the missing beard inch! Can’t fathom why someone would do it, but I know there must be a traitor amongst us. I’ve spoken to a shifty-looking fellow that came into my room during the night. His face looked like one of Balur’s minions, but he had a cloak on, and his minions don’t wear clothes, so I must have been mistaken. It was dark, anyway, so I forgave him. He told me if I drink some of the Dark Essence, it’ll make me fly. He says there’s a guy just off over yonder that knows what’s going on – all I need to do is fly off the top of the beacon, flap my axe and I’ll be there in no time. I’m drinking the Dark Essence now; he says it’ll kick in almost immediately, so I’ll take flight from the Beacon in mere minutes. Will report back tomorrow when I know who’s behind the beard shrinking catastrophe.

Day the Twelfth:

Sorry for the delay, but I’ve only just managed to get my hands on this here journal again; had to sneak up to Lord D’s Beacon and steal it back. That’s what I’m doing now, you see; sneaking around and all that. Oh, I should catch you up on what’s been going on with me first. Well, last I wrote, I’d been told by some slimy, lying, probably-Balurian scum, that I could fly if I drank some “Dark Essence”… Anyway, long story short – I couldn’t. I ran up to the top of the castle and jumped off the outlook point, flapped my arms and tried to fly. Fell right to the floor and died. In hindsight, I don’t think keeping the axe helped matters, but in all my days as a dwarf, I’d never managed to put it down. Here’s the deal – when I woke up in my latest incarnation, I didn’t have access to this journal, but I did manage to steal a few pieces of chalk and scribe my days onto the walls of where I was. I’ll update this journal with my thoughts from those days; I’ll write it exactly how I etched it onto the walls, for authenticity’s sake and authorship etc!

Day the Thirteenth:

I knew it! I knew as soon as I realized flapping my arms wasn’t going to allow me to take off into the sky like a beautiful eagle, that I was dead. I knew I’d been lied to. But what’s this?! I can’t see a thing, I can barely make out the white of the chalk on the walls, never mind the legibility of my writing … And I keep getting ghostly chills around me; cold bursts of air as if something else is in the room with me. Not that I could see him, even if I wanted to! I’ll just keep going. It’s almost pitch-black in here and the floor is puddled with water … Or puddled with something, anyway. And it stinks. Like a dead man’s foot in here, I tell you. Maybe this is Everdeep… Maybe this is my home now … Reincarnated as a cleaner in the halls of Everdeep – lovely. Probably as payment for my stupidity, for my gullibility in listening to that sneaky minion of Balur. He’s the reason I’m here now. He’s the reason I died. One thing’s certain, I need to find out who I am, what I am, and I need to get back to Lord D’s Castle and inform him there’s a traitor in his midst! I’m going to explore. Will report back! I Hope I’m not a cleaner.

Day the Fourteenth:

Tried to leave the room, but got told to remain here. Tried to talk to the guard, but he handed me a piece of paper stating that I must remain silent. Not really sure what’s going on. Hopefully I’m not reincarnated as a prisoner. Checked my beard and my legs; I am definitely no longer a dwarf! Not sure if it is good or bad yet; will find out soon. In other news, this room is still grim, the halls outside are still dank and dingy, and I can’t fathom which way is up. Thank the great gods for gravity. It’s disgusting down here!

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