New Winter Legendary Units Now Available!



My Lords and Ladies!

Winter is upon us. The rivers have frozen over, and a thick blanket of snow covers Darkshine. I cannot recall the last time the Gods have brought us such flurries and blizzards - this shall surely be the longest, darkest winter we've had in many years.

With the biting frost, though, comes a silver lining. For the first time in ages, it is cold enough for the Ice Dragons and Ice Guardians to grace us with their presence. These glorious beings have descended from the Northern Mountains to join us, and it seems they haven't forsaken their old allegiances to our realm. While they are normally peaceful beings, they have no fondness for Balur, and they are willing to fight! This could be just what we need to overcome our shared foe.

We cannot know how long this weather will last, so I urge you to recruit these majestic Ice Beings while we have the chance! They will only be available to us for a limited time.

Please take note of the following points regarding the new Legendary Units:

- Both the Ice Dragon or Ice Guardian can be deployed either with Occult and Bestiary Units. Nevertheless you should use Bestiary Units to defend against these deadly monsters.

- You will notice that when sending these Units to a mission alongside regular Legendary Units, the supporting Units deploy with the regular Units first. Only then, once the regular Legendary Units have full support, shall units begin to be deployed with the new Limited-Edition units.

- When these limited-edition Units are removed from the Black Market, fear not, for it does not mean that they shall vanish from the game. You simply will not longer be able to purchase them. You will still be able to revive them at the Infirmary and Healer, and use them as you deem fit.

Recruit an Ice Dragon or Ice Guardian now at the Black Market!

Lord Oberon
Heir of Veyon, Scion of the Firstborn, Lord Regent of Stormfall