Upgrade your Buildings to new Levels!

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My Lords and Ladies!

Raise your game to all new heights! Lords and Ladies from across Darkshine are now eligible to receive even greater Bonuses! Simply Upgrade your Buildings to increase your Castle’s power and cause your rivals to tremble inside their gates!

Here are the bonuses you shall now receive from the following Buildings:


Level 24 – Offense increase (all Units)
Level 25 – Defense increase (all Units)


Level 24 – Defense increase (all Units)
Level 25 – Offense increase (all Units)


Levels 24 and 25 – Food Consumption Reduction


Level 25 – Max Warehouse capacity now 500,000!


Level 25 – Max Barn capacity now 500,000!

Eagle's Nest:

Now you can Upgrade your Eagle's Nest to Levels 21 and 22!

Level 21 – Increased search range, accelerated Resource gathering at Hamlets, and accelerated Relic gathering from Settlements

Level 22 – Increased search range and an increase to your Castle Defense Bonus


Now you can Upgrade your Dungeons to Levels 6 and 7 to increase your Gold production!

Upgrade now and gain an advantage over your rivals in your quest to rule Stormfall!

Lord Oberon
Heir of Veyon, Scion of the Firstborn, Lord Regent of Stormfall

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