Ready your armor, my Lord - the Settlements of Stormfall await your conquest!

Since the Fall of the Seven Kings, every farming village, mine, and town of the old Empire has belonged only to him with the might to hold it. You remain locked in a struggle over land, power, and Resources - if you wish to someday unite the peoples of Stormfall under your rule, you must possess them all!

There are many independent Settlements scattered across the wild forests and plains between you and your enemies. To find and conquer - er, that is, to bring them under your illustrious protection - you must first build the House of Lords. You will need these honorable nobles to lay claim to new holdings, and to see that their wealth makes its way into your coffers. These men have experience in such matters.

You will also need to build an Eagle's Nest to spot unclaimed Settlements from afar, and to administer your rule from the chambers of your Keep. Citizens of each Settlement you conquer will pay you tribute in Gold, Food, Iron, or Sapphires - it's well worth declaring a war over, my Lord!

Use Offensive Units to storm and conquer a Settlement, and then make sure you reinforce it with enough Defensive Units to hold off any enemy army. There are far too many of those who would call themselves "Lord" now in Stormfall - any bandit with a Castle and a dozen men at his command. In the battles to come, we shall see who truly is deserving of the title. Plan your attacks carefully, as befits a true Lord of Stormfall, for an inviting Settlement overflowing with riches may be a trap. Send your Silent Ones to spy upon potential targets beforehand - many an aspiring Lord has fallen upon a seemingly unprotected Settlement only to find it not as defenseless as it looks. Do not underestimate your enemies, my Lord! 

The citizens of a newly conquered Settlement will need some time to collect enough Resources for a worthy tribute - so expect the conquered Settlement to pay you no sooner than one hour after your conquest. If you haven't collected their tribute for more than 12 hours, the excess Resources will rot away or be stolen by bandits.

For any other matter regarding Settlements, seek counsel from your Guide.

May you ever have the favor of Gods!

Oberon, Heir of Veyon, Scion of the Firstborn, Lord Regent of Stormfall