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I congratulate you on your newfound wealth – may your Sapphires serve you well!

Many doors now lay open to you, but heed these writings, for the ancient scrolls hold great wisdom on the wisest use and true value of Sapphires. May they help you to find the potential of the Sapphires you have acquired…

If you have only recently joined battle for the thrones of Stormfall, acquire the things which will help you many times over in the battles to come:

- The Altar of Weor. After the maximum upgrade, the Altar of Weor will grant you a permanent 25% increase to all Gold and Iron production, and can be upgraded for free. To purchase the Altar of Weor, go to the "Construction" menu and open the "Resource" buildings tab.

- Castle Guard. The brave units of the Castle Guard fight in every battle that takes place in your Castle, and, once fallen, these legendary warriors and beasts can be healed and returned to battle by you or your friends at no additional cost, until the end of time. For every resurrection, this is one unit you will not have to train or purchase once again when lost. Castle Guard units may be found in the "Improvements" tab of your "Construction" menu.

- Sarcophagi. Each Sarcophagus grants you an additional Soul with which you may summon a Wraith daily. Wraiths are equally fearsome in both Offense and Defense, and they can be summoned for free. 

If you have defeated many an enemy already, consider using Sapphires to strengthen the mailed fist of your armies:

- Acquire Legendary Units at the Black Market. Legendary Units enhance your regular units' performance several times over. Any Legendary Unit dispatched with a full group of supporting units is a formidable force indeed…

- Use Sapphires to revive your fallen warriors at the Healer. This will allow you to save resources and Sapphires on rebuilding your army. It is much cheaper to revive your veterans at the Healer's than to buy new units.

- Boost your resource production rate. You can increase your Gold, Iron, and Food acquisition by 25% with a handful of Sapphires. This boost is active for 3 days.

- Purchase resources, units and scrolls at the Black Market. 

Use the power of Sapphires with prudence and great care, my Lord. 

May the Gods bestow their blessing upon your Castle and steady your hand in many glorious battles to come!


Heir of Veyon, Scion of the Firstborn, Lord Regent of Stormfall.