New League Diplomatic Options!

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My Lords and Ladies,

A war the likes of which we have never seen consumes our land, and as the great struggle for the Beacons has spiraled ever-larger, the way we fight has changed to keep pace.

Vast alliances between friendly Leagues have emerged… and with them, bitter rivalries. For many seasons, attacks on rival Beacons have been limited by the code of chivalry – sadly, it seems these ancient laws are ill-suited to the realities of total war.

To aid you in meeting these challenges, the Council of the Citadel has decided to grant all Leagues of Stormfall the ability to set five new Diplomatic Statuses for their relations with other Leagues: “Neutral”, “Ally”, “Enemy”, “At Peace”, and “At War”.

“Neutral”, “Ally”, and “Enemy” statuses are symbolic, mere formal statements of relations between two Leagues that are in no way binding.

"At War" and "At Peace" statuses will have sweeping implications. Those Leagues who have, by mutual agreement, declared a state of War between them shall have all Attack Limits removed when attacking each other’s Beacons. Those Leagues who have negotiated a Peace shall be unable to attack each other’s Beacons until the Peace has been formally broken.

At this time, all Leagues shall now be declared to have Neutral Status towards all other Leagues. League Marshals or those they have entrusted with Diplomatic Privileges may alter this status as they so desire by visiting the Embassy’s “Leagues” tab, selecting the League they wish to interact with, and selecting a new status from the menu. The Marshal of the other League will be prompted to accept or decline this change of status. If both Leagues agree, the Diplomatic Timer shall display the time remaining until the new status goes into effect. 

In time, we shall consult the oracles to see if these changes to our sacred laws of war are pleasing in the eyes of the gods – but for now, I ask of you to use them to redraw your lines of battle, and continue the fight!

Consult your Guide if you seek further council, and farewell!

Lord Oberon

Son of Veyon, Scion of the Firstborn, Lord Regent of Stormfall