Build the Temple of War!



Since the Elder Races were created, they have fought at the side of the Gods in their ceaseless war against the Marennon Nightmares. Over ages of conflict the Races and their patron Gods crafted powerful weapons and talismans to aid them against the forces of Chaos. As centuries passed, most were lost - buried in the mud of ancient battlefields or forgotten in secret shrines. These ancient Relics patiently await the day when they are claimed by new masters - Lords who possess both the courage to wield them and the knowledge to unlock their hidden power.

Before you may begin your search for the Relics, you must first construct a Temple of War in which to keep them. Some Relics can be claimed by your forces on the battlefield as spoils of war, but most are to be found within forgotten shrines hidden in various Towns of Stormfall. Ghost Ships, Treasure Islands, Abandoned Forts and Ship Breaking Yards are where the Relics are concealed. Searching for Relics can be long and frustrating work, requiring many attempts. The longer you keep a Town under your control, the higher your odds of successfully unearthing a Relic.

All the Relics you obtain will first be placed in the Sanctuary at the Temple of War. To keep a Relic, you must move it from the Sanctuary to the Reliquary within 48 hours, or it will be permanently lost. You can unlock additional chambers in the Reliquary with the help of your Friends, or by using Sapphires. To invoke the power of a Relic, place it upon the Altar and click "Activate".

Different Relics possess different powers. Offensive Relics offer offensive bonuses, while Defensive ones improve the defensive attributes of various Units of your Army. Production Relics mainly improve the production characteristics for your Castle. You have 6 Activation Slots on the Altar, and can use no more than two Relics of the same category simultaneously. For instance: 2 Offensive Relics, 2 Defensive, 2 Production.

Relics can be either Permanent or Temporary. To cease invoking the power of an activated Permanent Relic, simply drag it back to the Reliquary for later use. Temporary Relics are consumable and only active for a fixed period of time – once activated, they cannot be moved back to the Sanctuary. If you exchange one Activated Temporary Relic for a new one, the old one will automatically be destroyed.

Relics are further categorized as either Sacred or Infernal, based on their relative strength and stability. Sacred Relics possess small, but stable powers. Infernal Relics are a delicate balance between the good and evil effects they will have upon your Army.

The strength of a Relic's attributes is measured in proportion to its rarity (Common, Noble, Royal, Imperial, and Divine). The harder a Relic is to find - the stronger its effect.

Make ready your troops, my Lord! The gifts of the ancients await you. May the Gods guide you!

Oberon, Heir of Veyon, Scion of the Firstborn, Lord Regent of Stormfall