Meet Stormfall’s Clan Leader – Sir_Coregasm_KoC

Meet: Sir_Coregasm_KoC – One of Stormfall’s most successful players

Q: For today’s interview, we’re bringing you one of the most respected and well-established clan leaders in all of Stormfall. So without further ado, let’s begin:

A: Hey! Gosh, you folks over at Plarium sure know how to make a Stormfallian blush! I’m very much looking forward to answering your questions; hopefully people will find something in here helpful – or at the very least, entertaining!

Q: I’m sure will, don’t worry! Let’s get started then! First things first, let’s get acquainted; can you tell everyone a little bit about yourself?

A: Of course; my name is Corey, but people will most likely know me from Stormfall, where I’m known as Sir_Coregasm_KoC. I’m in my mid-twenties, and I currently reside in Canada. Outside of the game, I do a few things; I work part time in the liquor industry, but I spend most of my time doing stand-up comedy. Of course, that’s only when I’m not vying for control of Stormfall!

Q: Stand-up comedy’s not an easy gig! Mind you, that type of pressure is probably pretty easy to handle compared to ruling over an army of thousands… So, tell us about your Clan – what’s it called and why did you join?

A: I am a proud member of the Knights of Camelot. As for joining; I was approached by the leader of the KoC, King Arthur, when the game was still in its infancy. The idea behind it was that we would recruit some of the best players the game had to offer, and try to set the standard for all other clans to aspire to. Not exactly small goals, but with an ego like mine, how could I say no?

Q: Interesting! Sounds like you’ve been playing the game a long time! What do you like about it, exactly?

A: Kind of; I have been playing the game since it launched on the Plarium server. Originally, I enjoyed the game because of its easygoing nature, and the fact that I could easily log in and play on basically any web browser I could find. Once that initial “new game wonder” wore off though, it was the community that kept me coming back!

Q: And have you only played on the official Plarium server? Or have you tried playing on another network like Facebook?

A: Actually yes, I’ve limited myself to only playing on the official server. Though I know the FB version is just as good, if not better, I think that if I devoted any more of my time to dragons and castles, my family would start asking questions.

Q: Alright, so let’s talk about something a little more fun; what have been your best experiences in the game?

A:.This is a hard one; there have been so many! If I had to give you an answer, I’d say it’s the feeling you get when the Beacons drop. Imagine; hundreds of people, all from different time zones, all trying to coordinate literally thousands of troops to capture (and attempt to hold) gigantic tower fortresses, all the while holding off Balur’s relentless waves of Orcs. It’s a rush! I have goose bumps just thinking about it.

Q: Well, when you put it like that… How can anyone argue? Can you share some of your tactics with us? We won’t tell anyone, we promise!

A: I believe you, but I can’t give you every one of my tactics… Instead, I’ll share a little tip that’s always proved successful for me; spying! Spy on everything, spy on everyone, spy on your food if you can! Before you launch a raid or attempt to take a settlement, you should always know exactly what you’re walking into. I’ve lost count of the number of times I lost entire armies before it dawned on me that I should just send spies first.

Q: Is spying the key to your Clan’s achievements? How has your clan achieved such good results?

A: Usually I’d love to take credit for the success of my clan, but I just can’t. Mostly, because I know my clanmates are going to read this… (Just kidding, honest) The biggest reason we’ve had so much success, I believe, is down to communication, we constantly contact one another, using Lightshot [a screenshotting tool] to send print screens to each other of spy reports, conversations etc. Mostly though, it’s just plain old human conversation! Talking, strategizing, but most of all, having fun! Communication covers so many aspects of the game, I believe it’s key to any success.

Q: Have you always been a member of the Knights of Camelot?

A: Not always, no; when I first started, I was with the fine folks over at Righteous Valor, who are very good people, but I just felt that KoC had much more to offer me. Plus, I’ve always been a sucker for the whole “Knights of the Round Table” thing…

Q: I don’t think there’s anybody out there who’d disagree with you about that! So, back to the game; can you give us 3 things that you’d like to change about Stormfall, and 3 things you’d like to see added to the game in future?

A: I’ve been waiting for this one! Three things I’d like to see changed would be:

1. Sometimes, accidents happen – and every now and then, there is an issue with the game, through no fault of the players’. I believe that some sort of in-game compensation for players who have been adversely affected by it would go a long way so calming the waters, so to speak. Nothing crazy, but a small token would be much appreciated.

2. Better payouts for the Feats of Valor. Some of the later Feats of Valor achievements don’t seem worth it at all, and don’t pay out much. For example: 25 sapphires for 1000 accepted market offers? Crazy.

3. Some better deals for coiners! Anyone who spends money on this game will always be hunting for a bargain, and if you can offer some better package deals, people will definitely spend their hard-earned cash!

And the second part of your question; things I’d like to see added in future:

1. More missions that allow players to obtain soul stones – those things are like gold dust!

2. Some more options for interior decoration on castles, varieties of different castle guards, and some new castle skins would spice things up a bit.

3. The ability to attack Oberon! (Please, I think I could take him!)

Q: Attacking Oberon? Well, we’ll see what we can do; but are you sure you’re ready for the consequences? For our final question, have you got any advice for any new players looking to get into the game?

A: Of course – here’s my number one rule: remember it’s just a game! It may not have next-gen graphics or anything, but you should never judge a book by its cover. This is a game of strategy and math; of being able to carefully balance aggression and diplomacy, but most of all, it’s a somewhere to make new friends and have fun! That’s it!

Stay safe out there everyone! Click to play!