Messengers have arrived from Darkshine to bring news of one League’s marvelous progress!

"Black Death 2" has done the impossible, ascending to the 10th level of the “Legionaries of Stormfall” achievement! They are the first League in Stormfall’s history to conquer this epic challenge!

1. How did your League come into existence?

Black Death was formed from ten different Leagues, all brought together by our creator and Grand Marshal Peter Baker. Our founding members also included friends from Total Domination, such as Elisa Goor, our longest serving Black Death 2 Marshal. 

2. What about the Lords and Ladies of your League? What do you do in your free time, besides battling through Stormfall?

The Lords and Ladies of Black Death 2 have always been diverse – plenty of couples and family members have joined our ranks from all over the world. We make sure to have lots of fun together every day, so we have one very busy chat! 

3. What obstacles has your League encountered on its path to glory? How have you managed to overcome them all?

Like any League, we have had good days and bad days, but Black Death 2 is a family – we come together in times of need to overcome hard times. 

4. Do you feel confident you will earn the customized League logo promised to those who complete all Achievements? While you have made great progress, there is still a long and dangerous path ahead…

We will never stop working on the Achievements. Just in the last week, we managed to gain achievements in all 17 of the possible categories.
As for the long term, we’ll take it day by day - there are some very tough achievements to complete on the way to level 10!

5. I was pleased to discover that your League has claimed a wealth of Resources from your opponents. What strategies have guided you in these endeavors? 

Raiding has always played a big part in the history of Black Death 2, and as such, we have successfully run a raiding competition every week for the last 16 months. We give prizes to our top 30 Raiders every week.
We were also monitoring the progress of the only other League who could challenge us in our mission to get Legionaries of Stormfall level 10 first. As we neared achieving our goal, we made sure our members knew that we expected them to raid.

6. This question is for the League Marshal. In any war, highs and lows are to be expected. How do you manage situations where players lose their motivation, abandoning their League or even the game altogether? How do you inspire dedication in your ranks? 

I would say that we have never lost members because of war… but yes, we have lost members because they could not meet our requirements, or because they never had time to play.
I believe we have earned our members’ dedication; we always try to help every person, even if it’s just to share knowledge.

7. It is doubtless true that you are a born leader; such an achievement could not have been done without real teamwork. How do you delegate special duties among League members?

We have a great team of officers who usually share workload, but every day we see our members stepping up to help others. We are very proud to have so many people offer to help with our daily tasks.

8. How does your League seek, recruit and train new members? Are there any League members that were mentored by you personally?

When it comes to recruiting new members, we have a few options. Black Death has four boot camps where we train new recruits before moving them to other BD Leagues. Black Death 2 has a second, sister League to which we can move members if necessary. To date, we’ve merged four other Leagues into Black Death 2 to create a very active membership. We encourage all of our members to bring in friends and family as well.
And of course, we can’t forget all the great work our past and current Recruitment Officers have done.

9. A final question, if I may: Should our Darkshine wizards master the spells that could take you back to the day of your League’s founding, would you change the way you’ve managed your League, or the way you’ve faced game challenges? How would you rewrite the book of your League’s history?

I would change nothing at all. We’ve had our ups and downs along the way, but they’ve only brought us all closer together.  They’ve turned our League into a family.