Stormfall’s Great Western Dragon Unit Review

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By A.R Montgomery



This is for the serious offensive player who wants to pimp up their attack capability. Used in conjunction with all Dragon, Wyvern and Chimera units; The Great Western Dragon explodes your offensive capability up to +24,500 offensive points in capability.

Plarium says:

“The Great Dragon Farwol came from unknown lands past the Gilded Sea to the West, taking the Sun away from Darkshine, and slaying all before him where he fell to Weor’s spear. His equal has never since been seen in Stormfall – the Wyverns and lesser dragons of these lands only a pale shadow of his glory. But who can say what else lives beyond the Gilded Sea?”

Sounds like a massive destroyer with fire-breathing greetings from some far-away place! But, was there only one? Apparently not – you can go purchase as many as you need, which is awesome!


Legendary Unit Class

Plarium says: “Each additional Offensive Legendary Unit that is joined by supporting units receives a bonus to their Offensive capability”. This means that your Legendary Unit “powers-up” in its capability dependent upon which supporting units are in battle with it.  As you can see from the following screen shots, the Bestiary Unit shows a changing colour status in regards to its increasing power. As you can see in the screen shot below, the Occult Units support to the Legendary Unit, “Hero” is only in a yellow status; as opposed to the Great Western dragon, which is in a full green status. This is due to the numbers of supporting units deployed.

Great Western Dragon


Available now from the Black Market on browser, available soon on mobile!


The Black Market sells Legendary Units – get your army to full capability now! Use your Great Western Dragon for all offensive actions.


Because it’s a … DRAGON and it breathes fire and stuff! No, seriously; Legendary Units are where it is at. The force multiplier enables your standard Bestiary Units to have an incredible enhancement to their capability.This means more power and punch ratio for your supporting units also – and this saves you a lot of losses.

Let’s face it; if you don’t have Legendary Units, then you are going to find it tough in Stormfall. It takes you longer to produce low level Bestiary units and they have less effect without this capability. Add a Legendary Unit and then these standard Units actually start getting you somewhere in the game and enable bigger and better offensive and defensive action overall … and scares the hell out of your opponents! One word of caution: save these big guns for fighting other players – you might not want to risk using them on Battlefields.

In the screen shot below you can see the positive effect each supporting unit gives your Great Western Dragon, and the Max bonus up to +24,500 points!

The Western Dragon


Coin it dude! Well you might get them awarded through doing the daily missions, but the sure fire way is to go do some micro-transactions to be fair. And these legendary classes of units are worth the coin.