Love knows no boundaries in Stormfall

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While fair cupids fly about, sharpening their love arrows and preparing for their annual quest, we wish to share with you a story of two fair hearts, earlier pierced, which first began beating for one another in the land of Stormfall.

Tonight we meet these residents of Darkshine, these citizens of the land of love, Lady Elli Kapodistria (aka the Red Queen) and Lord Salvatore Constanzo.

How did you find out about Stormfall?

Elli: We found Stormfall 35 months ago... wow, 3 years! Time flies! I was in a sour mood thanks to Farmville because all my tomatoes were dying. I was looking for a new game, preferably a vegetable free one, with which to spend my free time and clear my head. 

My brother introduced me to Stormfall. He was always praising the graphics and the strategic aspect of it. So I started and had reached Level 40 playing only Battlegrounds when my mentor found me. It was about a year later that I met Salvatore. He had been spending many days bored and was looking for something to play. As fate would have it, he stumbled upon Stormfall:Age of War and Pirates:Tides of Fortune by Plarium.

Tell us the story of how you met one another. How did your love story begin?

Elli: So in March 2014 we met through our common Alliance (Athena Alliance). He was always there spouting on and had a very sarcastic sense of humour. We clicked from the very first moment and started talking daily. We soon were making plans to meet each other as the distance between us wasn’t that much, just a 2-hour flight.

He became part of my daily routine. Not a day would pass that we wouldn't talk to each other and, at some point, we both realized that a life without one another was simply unthinkable! 

So he came to Greece and the feelings between us grew stronger. Like a mist that dissipates as the sun rises all became clear: we had to spend the rest of our lives together! He visited me once more this December and had a blast. I mean, of course he did. But having to part at the end of each visit has become more and more difficult.

We are already planning our next meeting… this month in fact. What is 800 kilometers in the face of love? Our plan is to eventually share the same country.

Are there any battle interactions you planned and made together in Stormfall?

Elli: I boss him around a lot. He always tells me what we need to build. We also share some common enemies. Like any noble Italian Lord, he needs to protect his Lady. We have been fighting together since April 2015.
Salvatore: Indeed! Many of the battles we have fought in this game started out as a result of my temper. I recall that on one particular occasion we were fighting together, performing a legendary battle maneuver, when the Athena Alliance conquered more than 10 Beacons in one night. I was a Marshal of the Caimani del Piave League that was a member of this Alliance.

Oh yes! I recall the Leagues that were involved - the OM Guardians, Romanian Squad, and the Ronan Vikings. Right?

Salvatore: There were even more! Something like 100+ Leagues. We were recovering Beacons that had been stolen from Leagues in the Athena Alliance. It wasn't a simple hit against a specific Alliance. We had just been hitting the Beacons around us.

Fascinating! Now what are your plans for your future in Stormfall?

Elli: Our plans are to keep playing the game, as it is the one game that brought us together, and to play it from the same room in the same country!
Wish us luck!

Definitely! We wish luck to our heroes and celebrate their never ending faith in one another. May you share much glory together in Stormfall! 

Play Stormfall: Age of War Now and perhaps cupid's arrows will strike you as well!

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