Stormfall Scroll Trading Guide

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Written by Bob Cornelissen.

Introduction and corresponding Buildings

In Stormfall, you will get a Scroll every day, which will be needed to discover new Lost Arts. You will get a new Scroll whenever you login to the game again after the nightly reset. Simple enough, but there are a lot of Lost Arts to learn and get Scrolls for. Many of these will help you discover Lost Arts that will improve Units, although a few near more advanced Lost Arts are for trading and the acquisition of Resources. Your Scribe will give you Scrolls at random for any Lost Art that is next on your list. This could be between one and four Lost Arts, depending on your progress, which you will be able to discover as soon as you have enough Scrolls. 

A simple example of this would be Composite Bow and Cloak of Shadows: both Lost Arts are available after you unlock Imperial Steel. The problem is that the Scribe gives you the Scroll numbers at random, so you will most likely end up having duplicates of one number and missing another, or you might end up with more Scrolls of one kind than you actually need. However, the game teaches you early on that you can trade Scrolls for other Scrolls at the Market. 

Scroll trading raises many questions, and I aim to answer a few of them by going through the basics of the practice, as well as explaining some methods which are commonly used in the game. This will give you more opportunities to trade your Scrolls as and when you need them.
There are a few key items that form the core components of what we will be doing. These are Lost Arts, the House of Scrolls, and the Market. 

First of all there are Lost Arts. There is a button to the right side of your screen, which looks like this:

Lost Arts Button

Clicking on it will take you into the Lost Arts tree.

 Lost Arts Tree

Above is an example of two Lost Arts: the one of the left has been discovered and levelled up to the maximum Level of 20, while the Lost Art on the right has not yet been discovered. In this case, the Scribe will give a random Darin’s Notes Scroll every night (or one for any of the other Arts which are directly to the right of an Art which has already been discovered.) The screenshot also shows us that 3 out of the 6 necessary Scrolls have been found already. If you click on the undiscovered Art, it will take you to a description of what the Art does, show you what you will be able to build or train once the Art has been discovered, and tell you which Scrolls you still need to discover it:

 Scroll Overview

The above screenshot shows us that Scrolls 4, 5, and 6 are still missing.
The next Building we are going to look at is the House of Scrolls.

 House of Scrolls

This is the Building that stores all of your Scrolls, which are kept safe in the case of a Raid. The Building can be levelled up to Level 20, which makes the discovery and learning of Lost Arts a lot faster. However, this does not increase the speed at which the Scribe gives you Scrolls! Go into the Building to check which Scrolls you have in there.

 List of Scrolls

In this example we can see 4 kinds of Scrolls to the left. Darin’s Notes is selected, and we can see that there are three Scrolls in there, each one with a different number. When there are duplicates, the number in the parentheses will display how many identical Scrolls you have.
After you have a full set of Scrolls and have learned/discovered the corresponding Lost Art, the Scribe will remove that set of Scrolls from your House of Scrolls, leaving only the duplicates behind. The exceptions to this rule are the Scrolls for Cloak of Shadows and Bran’s Seal, which stay behind regardless.

The next Building we will go into is the Market, as this is where trading takes place.

The Market

Go into the Market and have a look around.

In the Info tab, you will see the level of your Market. Raising the Level of the Market to Level 20 is relatively inexpensive, and at its maximum regular level it will give you 20 Caravans to work with. The main number to keep in mind is that 1 Caravan can carry 1 Scroll. Therefore, if you want to move multiple Scrolls to other players, you will want to have as many Caravans available as possible. Since March 2016, it has been possible to upgrade the Market to Level 24, if you have items called Upgrade Sketches, which make it possible to upgrade Buildings another few levels and therefore get up to 24 Caravans.

The second tab is for trading Resources (Food, Gold, and Iron). We will come back to this tab later, when we dive deeper into the mechanics of Scroll trading. The third tab is Trade Scrolls, which we will explain shortly, while the fourth tab is called Caravans, which has a further has two tabs within it for Loaded Caravans and Caravans in Transit.

Scroll trading and finding trades

Let’s go back to the third tab at the Market. From the Lost Arts screen, we can know which Scrolls we need to discover a particular Lost Art. From the House of Scrolls, we also know what we have to trade with. At the Market, we can do the actual trading.

Trading Scrolls 

Here is the third tab at the Market, called Trade Scrolls. We can see from the top of the screen that I have 20 Caravans, just waiting to do some trading. As we haven’t selected any search parameters, all we have is a big list of Scroll trades from other players that are available or unavailable to me. These show you who is offering, what they are offering and which Scrolls they are looking for in return. 

Next to this information is the amount of time it will take to travel between their Castle and yours. Double this to calculate a round trip, as the journey back will take the same time. 
The last column shows you whether you can accept the trade or not. In my case, the first three “Accept” buttons are grayed out, because I do not have the requested Scrolls to complete the trade. The last two I can take, because I happen to have a Maranian Steel 7 and a Heraldic Armor 4 Scroll.

Let’s search for some Scrolls:

 Searching for Scrolls

If I am looking for Wayfaring Scrolls and I have Horsemanship Scrolls to offer, I can use the selection criteria as seen here. I have only done the first selection of both types of Scrolls. However, I have not selected the specific number of the Scrolls, either for what I want or what I have to offer. The example Scroll Offer shown here has a grayed-out “Accept” button, meaning that I cannot take that trade (because I do not have Horsemanship 2).

You could get more specific still and select which Scroll you want to trade (perhaps you have two identical Scrolls, so you can trade one) and the exact Scroll you are looking for.
The easiest trades to find at the Market are those for Scrolls of the same kind. For example, a Horsemanship Scroll number 4 for a Horsemanship Scroll number 2 will be a reasonably common offer. You will likely find what you are looking for at the Market. Otherwise, you can make your own offer (see below) and you will see that it is usually accepted within the same day.

However, more often than not, you will need to trade a Scroll of one type for another type that you need, for instance if you have Horsemanship and you want Chivalry, or you have Smuggling and you want Wayfaring. This means you will most likely have to trade up, rather than down. Those trades are harder to find, because there are not many people with higher level Scrolls who would like a lower level Scroll, and fewer still who actually put that offer onto the Market. In this case, you will probably need try and put the trade onto the Market yourself, create an offer, and hope for the best.

You could also try something called “Trading Sideways”. This works as follows:

Trading Sideways

You are likely to be working on both Horsemanship and Wayfaring at the same time, in which case the Scribe will give you both types of Scrolls at random. It may also be the case that you want to have one set full ahead of the other. If you do, you can probably trade Wayfaring Scrolls for Horsemanship and vice versa. They would be of the same value, because they are on different branches, so such a trade is likely to be found at the Market, or taken quickly if you offer it yourself.

How to set up a trade

Go into the Market and to the Trade Scrolls tab:

 Setting up a trade

Click the Extend Offer

 Extending an offer

Next click the selection box to indicate what you are offering.
Select the type of Scroll you have from the list (this is the list of Scrolls from your House of Scrolls.)

 Choose the lost art

 Here I have selected Chivalry number 2 as the offer. Next, click the second drop-down list to indicate what you are looking for from the other person.

Chivalry Scrolls

I selected Occult Arts number 2. After this, you select the button at the bottom “Make Offer.”

Next, go to the Caravans tab and view the Loaded Caravans you have. There, you can see your own trading activities at the Market.

Overview of loaded caravans

The trade will stay active at the Market for 3 days (as you can see the countdown has already begun in the picture.) After this period passes, it will still be shown on this screen, but will say expired.

You can see the Decline button to the right here as well. If you do not want a particular trade anymore, or the offer has expired, you can click that button to get your Scroll back, and the Caravan which is carrying the Scroll will return as well.

If a Scroll trade is accepted, it will go to the Caravans in Transit screen, and when the Scrolls reach their destination you will see messages from your Scribe to tell you that a Scroll has arrived at your Castle and that your Scroll has been delivered.

The above listed technique is the most effective and most commonly method of Scroll trading. However, sometimes it takes some waiting if you put your own trades in the Market.
Now we have covered the Scroll trading basics, it is time to talk about some more advanced trades, where you can trade up in Scroll level and speed up the trading process as well. This is usually done by combining a Scroll trade with a Resources trade.

Scroll trading with Resources

The next step in Scroll trading to try and get Scrolls faster and to get Scrolls that are considered higher level or higher value that the ones you currently have. 

The idea here that you make the same offer as before in the Market, but you try to find another player who has that Scroll on offer, and grease the wheels slightly by offering to send them a few Caravans of Resources, usually Iron or Gold. 

So, how do we set this up?

First of all, you need to find somebody who has the Scrolls you want on offer. Presumably you have asked your nearby friends and League Members first, because they will usually trade with you for free or at least with fewer Resources. Alternatively you might prefer them to profit from the trade more than an outsider. That decision is really up to you. Assuming you did not find what you were looking for that way, you can go and find Stormfall Scroll Trading Facebook group pages - there are several out there. Use Stormfall and Scroll Trade/Trading as keywords, and you will find some like-minded people pretty quickly.

Scroll through the posts and find somebody who has the Scrolls on offer. If you do not find the required Scroll type on offer, the people trading regularly on these pages can most probably hook you up for the other Scroll types anyway, so try and contact them to ask.
Let’s move through the whole procedure:

Scroll trading example using Resources

In our theoretical situation, I am selling Chimera Scrolls, and looking for willing buyers. I want to gain 10,000 Gold (or Iron) from the deal. So, in one of the Stormfall Scroll trading group pages I post this:

Scroll Trading groups on Facebook

There are a few items in this screenshot that we need to discuss first. There is a bit of trading language used here: In my post I mention the type of Scroll I am offering (Chimera) and the price I want (10K Gold or Iron.) Next to it is the word junk. This means that I trade one of my Chimera Scrolls for another lower level Scroll. A junk Scroll is any Scroll the buyer doesn’t need any more and wants to exchange for what the seller has on offer.  Oftentimes these are Infantry or Cavalry Scrolls, but any Scroll will do. Next it requests to “fr+pm” me, which means a Facebook friend request and a personal message in Facebook chat. Next, as you can see in the picture, somebody will ask for a particular kind of Scroll and so the dealing starts. Basically, this begins a chat where buyers and sellers agree on price, what to send, and what to get in exchange. Both sides need to set up the trade together.

First of all, the Facebook friend request. The reason behind this is actually very simple. You can trade with anybody in game without being a Facebook friend, however you will notice that many people in the game are 24 hours away from you (ONE-WAY). 24 hours one-way is the maximum duration for any travel period in the game. This means that your Caravans could be on the road for 48 hours in total, which is inconvenient. However, if that person is on your Facebook friends list OR in your League, the travel time is a maximum 1 hour one-way, so in the worst case scenario your Caravans will be back within 2 hours. Quite a difference!
The second thing you need to know about Facebook friends in relation to the game and trading is that after the other side accepts the Facebook friend request, you MUST refresh the game window. If you do not, the game does not know you have friended that person and you will be left disappointed by the 24 hour travel time. 

After a while, trades will be agreed. In my example below, a gentleman wants two Chimera Scrolls and will send me 20K Gold in return. First of all, he sends me 20K Gold and lets me know that he has done so. I then open the Market and go to the Caravans tab, then to the Caravans in Transit list. Here you can see that he is sending me 20K in Gold. This is confirmed, and because his Caravan has been underway for more than 1 minute, he cannot recall it.

Exchanging Resources 

The next thing that needs to happen is the Scroll trade. This is very important to get right: the person who has the LOWER value Scroll needs to set up the Scroll trade. If you forget this and you offer a higher level Scroll for a lower level one, you might find that a stranger has already taken it within minutes of posting.

In this case my, my trading partner has set up two trades in the Market offering Horseman Scrolls for Chimera Scrolls. We have already discussed which Chimera Scrolls he will ask for, so he has put those into the offer as per the agreement.

 Pre-arranged trades

Go into the Market and the Trade Scrolls page. Then, click the Friends option to only see the trades offered by your friends! This will give you a drastically smaller list and you will easily find the trades you are looking for. Use this and use it often, because you will likely see trades on offer from your friends and League Members. 

Here you can see the two trades and I can accept these as agreed.

 Caravans in transit

Next, I should go to the Caravans tab again at the Market, and check the Caravans in Transit to confirm that I can see the Scroll trades have started to move both ways. Two going my way and two going his way.

I confirm this with the buyer, and the trade is finished. Now we simply wait for the Caravans to arrive: the Lord Steward will confirm your Resource trade and your Scribe will confirm your Scroll trade.

Usually Scrolls will sell from around 4000 Resources (for very low level Scrolls) to between 8000 and 15000 for higher level ones. New tradable Scrolls released into the game are rarer and will be more costly to get, but the price will settle soon afterwards to perhaps around 8 to 12 K Iron or Gold per Scroll.

Sending a Scroll to somebody outside of the Market

It is also possible to do a trade without junk. However, his is usually considered more expensive in Resources, and the seller can only send a total of two Scrolls per day in total, which can be a little limiting. In this case, the buyer sends Resources to the seller and the seller sends one Scroll to the buyer in return. However, the seller can only do this two times a day. Many sellers do not want this, as they want to receive a junk Scroll in return, which will then be used again to trade with other people. They do not want to run out of Scrolls.

Still this is a type of Scroll move that is often transacted, although usually just between friends and allies. Go to the Map and hover your mouse over another Castle. You will see a circle with icons, one of which is “Send Scroll”. A different method would be to go into another player’s Castle and to select the “Send Scroll” icon from a menu on the right hand side. Also, when you have somebody in your friends list, you can find their icon at the bottom of the friends tab and click their icon to select the option “Send Scroll.”

Sending a scroll as a gift

The latter option will trigger pop up a screen like this (I have blacked out the name of this player.) You select which type of Scroll you would like to send from the drop-down menu, and then the number of the Scroll from that category. Then, you click the “Send a Scroll” button, and the scroll will be sent. As you can see near the top of this screen, you can send a maximum of two Scrolls per day (we call these “free sends”) in total. This is not two sends to each person, but two in total from your Castle to another.

Extra information and tricks

For one reason or another, each player is restricted to sending 50K in Resources to another person in the game each week. This could become problematic, for instance if you are trading Scrolls for 10K per Scroll and somebody wants 6 Scrolls (and thus needs to move 60K in Resources.) So, how do you do it? In cases such as these, you can use the Market to trade Resources! Market trading does not limit the number of transactions you can make per day, although one thing you will notice is that you can only trade at a maximum ratio of 2:1.
There is a possibility is that you have a surplus of Food available. You can either give away that Food in the deal, or alternatively use this Food as a vessel to move the more necessary Resources from you to the other person to you, before completing a second trade to get your Food back.

The person with Food goes to Market, in the Trade Resources tab, then clicks on the Extend Offer button.

Trading resources 

Next, you offer 6000 Food on the Market, in return for 12000 Iron. Remember that the person with the least favorable offer should put the trade on the Market! Otherwise, somebody will probably take it within seconds, and your Resources will be gone. 

Now, let’s say you don’t need the Food anyway, in which case you can agree that you have received 12K Iron or perhaps that you received 9 to 10K in Iron, if you want to attach some value to your Food, and do not want to move Resources around a second time.
If you do need the food, the other side can put up a trade of 6K Food for 3K Iron. If you take that, trade you will have your 6K in Food back. The other side then has another 3K Iron, making the grand total of moved Resources 12K Iron in your direction. This is a little laborious, but is worth it if you value your Food. Otherwise, just be happy that you got 12K Iron and be done with it.

You can use this as often as you like, and this way you can move more Resources to one person than the 50K weekly limit would otherwise allow.

Of course, you could always get a friend of yours to send somebody Resources; you can send the Resources to your friend as a sort of middle-man, because you will both have a 50K sending limit for the recipient, thus taking the limit to 100k.


I hope that this guide has helped explain some Scroll trading basics; covering the Buildings involved, how you can find trades already in the Market, and how you can set up your own trades.

Don’t be shy, the game is set up well for a nice bit of trading in Resources and Scrolls, notwithstanding the exciting battles you can have! So, use the possibilities available to you and get down to trading Scrolls! If you have the time, the free trading methods are usually your best bet. If you are in a hurry, use the advanced trading techniques. Enjoy trading and learning new Lost Arts in the game!

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