Strong League

MMO Masters


by Angel Dorantes 

1. Older members need to help younger members

Those of higher levels can get more from raids, can produce more resources, can send larger shipments and will have older scrolls to give. Try to adopt one younger brother and make it your personal mission to help him lvl up as fast as possible.
2. Scrolls are of the highest importance to be able to produce more resources, and build stronger armies. Anytime you complete a collection let everyone know which extras you have so that you can give the scrolls to whoever needs them most.
3. Recruiting is always helpful to grow, Always try to find strong regular players and let them know what a wonderful league you have here so that they will move to us.
4. In order to be able to upgrade and build army, we all need huge amounts of resources, many times we get on a very long upgrade and keep considerable amounts of resources in our warehouses and barns. If we are not going to use them, let's try to send them to someone who needs them to be able to run an upgrade.
5. If you see that your warehouse or barn will reach limit, give some to any who needs, let's try to avoid as much waste as possible.
6. Resource sending is limited, you can only send resources twice a day to one single player, and only 6 shipments a day, let's try to get the most out of them, this can be done by upgrading market and Thieves GUild, and by the use of Soulstones, the higher the level of those, the more resources we can send in only 1 shipment.
7. If you ever need resources, let people know how much you need, if you only need a few K, then a low level member can send, if you need monstrous amounts, then a high lvl member can send them all in one shipment, so that we can maximize resource moving between all of our castles.
8. If you successfully complete a capture Settlement or collect quest, let everyone know which settlement you are holding and let them have it to complete their own mission.
9. Always do your 10 raids... Raid not done will go to waste. If you have Raided to fill your warehouses, ask who needs resources so that you can have more room for more raiding. Try to find members that are close to you or are of a high level to make sure they can hold the total you are sending and they don't go to waste.
10. Also try to upgrade your Warehouses and Barns to the max, this will allow you to Hold many resources and it will be easier to keep reserves under 50% capacity, in case you get raided while off line.
11. If you can't recruit that member who is strong and solid, at least try to make friends with them and nurture that friendship, whenever you can spare resources, or you need to get rid of some and none in the BH needs them, send them some. In order to ask something from someone, you need to give first, so let´s get that giving part covered, so we can all receive help when needed.
12. Summoning Wraiths from Friends and Raising Wraiths for Friends. Wraiths are a perfectly good disposable army there is no point in keeping them alive forever if you can get up to 25 by yourself and can receive up to 25 more in one day from Friends, If you don´t kill them, then you can´t summon more or the Friends that visit your castle to raise one for you won't be able to raise it and eventually will stop visiting you.

When you summon wraiths, select those Friends that are not in the league and less likely to visit your castle to raise one for you. Then while you are waiting for tropos to return or a building to upgrade, visit at least 25 castles in the league to raise wraiths for them. Wraiths are excellent to chip away Saga Quest Battlegrounds, so just get your daily and send them to Saga Quest BG, in a few days you will be collecting 100% perfectly good Eldritch troops.


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