How has Stormfall: Age of War changed your life?

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José Venâncio

Like many children of my generation, I grew up playing video games. The first game I ever played was Donkey Kong, on my cousin’s NES. After that, I can’t even begin to count the hours I must have spent playing Super Mario Brothers after we got an NES of our own. My mom says she used to hear the noises of jumping and coins in her sleep!

Even simple games like the ones I played back then had a way of becoming part of the fabric of my life - the highs and lows I experienced in the game were just as powerful as those in real life, and my physical and virtual worlds seemed to intertwine. I became familiar with the feeling of a screen that would never scroll left, and a princess just out of reach. Eventually, the boundaries between the game world and the real world became faint, which changed the way I played games and the way I thought about life.

There are countless things that I will never do or be, but perimeters don’t frighten me anymore. Games have taught me to be okay with finitude and not to obsess over what could have been.

Stormfall: Age of War made me really realize how important having friends and family really is. I’ve never really been the social type, but Stormfall made me realize that although some people can really make me angry, those people often were and are my friends, who care about my wellbeing and my sanity. Some of them are willing to do anything to help me if I need it. If I were to make a list, I would say that Stormfall:

  1. Made me more creative about strategies to overcome my opponents.
  2. Challenged and exercised my mind by providing difficult problems to solve in order to proceed, as well as providing fascinating stories to keep me interested.
  3. Made me more sociable. This one may come as a surprise, but playing Stormfall didn’t make me a recluse who sits inside and does nothing but play video games. Instead, I made friends because of my interest. Not only was it an easy topic to bring up as an icebreaker on Facebook Messenger, it became a shared hobby among my group of friends. As someone who grew up generally shy, Stormfall became a way for me to interact with my friends while enjoying a video game we all loved. On top of that, I met dozens and dozens of new, interesting people, who shared the same interests as me. Video games taught me to come out of my shell and to meet new people while providing me with the tools to do so.

Stormfall: Age of War has a very special place in my heart, for more reasons than I can list. It has so much vibrant artwork, a beautiful soundtrack, and an enthralling storyline. More importantly, it’s a shared obsession for many people across the globe, and because of of that, this game made me feel just a little more connected.

Benoît Lévesque

I started playing this game as soon as I realized I could play games on Facebook. I didn’t know what I was doing at first, but then I joined a league: this was a game changer for me. I knew of MMOs and online gaming, but it’s with this game that my world really expanded.

I used to consider gaming as a private hobby that only included me and no one else, but now I have friends in Italy, America, France, and many other places. Interacting with all these friends made me learn so much about the world and the people in it!

You always find opportunities in the places you least expect. Sure, the game has its ups and downs, but overall I am glad I started playing it. You start to play for the game. You keep playing because of your friends.

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