The Basics of Spying

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How do I start spying?

To perform spying missions, you must research the Lost Art Cloak of Shadows. This will allow you to build the Hall of Shadows building. Once you have built the Hall of Shadows, you will be able to recruit Silent Ones. You can recruit more powerful spying Units, Assassins and Succubi, by building the Altar of Mara and researching the necessary Lost Arts. There is also a Legendary spying Unit, the Observer, that you can purchase. The more spying Units you have, the more you can send on spying missions, and the more you send, the greater the odds of success. 

Once you have spying Units, you may initiate spying missions in one of two ways.

From the map:

1. Click “Map” in your Castle. 
2. Position the cursor over the Castle you want to spy on. 
3. Select “Dispatch Spies” from the Castle menu.

From inside the target's Castle: 

1. Visit the Castle you want to spy on. 
2. Choose “Dispatch Spies” from the “Actions” menu.

Stormfall Spies

Dispatching Spies

What can I learn by spying?

By spying on another player’s Castle, you can find out how many and what type of Units are stationed at that Castle, and how many of each type of Resource is being held at that Castle. This can help you plan your Raids. You can also send spies to a Beacon to see what forces are defending it. You CANNOT spy on Battlegrounds.

How is spying success calculated?

How difficult it is to spy on a Castle depends on how many enemy spy Units are stationed in it, and how large the Castle’s Intelligence Bonus is. Sentries, a type of Castle Fortification, add Castle Intelligence Bonus, which makes spy Units better on defense: for every 100 points of Castle Intelligence Bonus, the Castle’s spy Units get +1% to their defensive stats. 

To successfully spy on someone, you must send enough spying Units to overcome the spy Units of the defender. Different Lost Arts and Relics can make your spies more effective, and likewise an enemy that you are spying on might be benefitting from bonuses from Lost Arts and Relics, in addition to the Castle Intelligence Bonus from Sentries. If you aren’t sure how strong the defender’s spy force is, send as many spy Units as you can to try and overwhelm it. 

Remember, if you don’t want to be spied on, keep your spying Units deployed in your Castle to fend off enemy spies when you aren’t using them. You can also build Sentries to help defeat enemy spies.

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