The Server Wars Claims New Victims

Lines are being drawn and the Server Wars are expanding. Both sides have scored major victories against each other, but with no clear victor in sight, the realm is wondering: what will make this madness end?

The Unforgivens Suffer the Coralitions Wrath

The Server Wars continue on! The fighting has been fierce, vicious, ugly and violent. The speed at which the carnage has unfolded has put the well-known Beacons Wars to shame. Armies have trampled vast areas to mud and arrows have blotted out the sky, finding soft targets in our men and women, and yet the battles go on.

Having taken down a large number of beacons owned by the Coralition, the Emperors have scored a series of victories. Their attacks have hit key members of that alliance, including Destiny, The Guardians of Avalon and the King of Kings. 

Although many of these leagues were prepared and did consolidate their defenses in a few key beacons, the results cannot be denied and the power that the Emperors wield is a hard one to resist. The realm knows their name and they know that they are a force to be reckoned with.

Yet these battles are far from one-sided. The Emperors themselves, having taken and secured a number of beacons during this war, have thus far been unable to hold onto their gains. The forces of the Coralition, most notably those of Destiny, have not allowed them any chance to move significant forces into position.

The Emperors know this as well, and have made the wise decision to not over-commit any large portion of their defenses. Rather they have chosen to only send a holding defensive force when they do take any beacons.

Their allies, on the other hand, have not been so lucky to avoid punishment. The Unforgiven family, to which the Emperors had previously belonged, has been the focus of much of the Coralition’s anger and wrath. Many of the leagues in this alliance, which once held vast territories, have been reduced to ashes, seeing their defenders crushed and defeated almost absolutely.

Destiny Attacks Unforgivens

Destiny Downgrades Unforgivens

These attacks promoted leadership in the Unforgiven family to warn their members against attempting to defend against Destiny’s massive armies and to keep heart in the face of a losing battle. For although they have lost much, they still live on to fight another day.

Unforgiven Kings Lose Beacons Angels Palace Holds

Unforgiven Kings Losses Destiny

As can be seen from the above messages, the Unforgiven Kings, who subjected to much bloodshed, experienced a crushing blow to their morale as they lost much in the ongoing battle for server dominance. 

Still, they were not alone and made mention of one of their allies who would be assisting them in the battle against the Coralition forces, the Angels Palace. This league would hold and secure many of their lost beacons until the fighting was over.

Unfortunately for the Angels Palace, this pitted them against the might of Destiny, and thus Angels Palace become the next focus of their aggression. They suffered severe losses as their defenders were defeated in their newly secured beacons.

Destiny Attacks Angel Palace

The battles go on, and this war is far from over. None are safe as this terrible war engulfs the entire server. 

Lines have been drawn and monstrous armies of epic proportions are on the march.  The winner, if there ever will be one, is far from determined, and this story far from finished.

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