The Birth of the Super Group

:Following the offenses committed by the Emperors, the Server Wars have escalated with both sides assaulting each other. Forming a new power group, known as the Super Group, the Coraltion takes action.

The Coralition Begins to Take Action

A major move has just unfolded. The Server Wars have been officially declared with the attacks launched by the Emperors in the past week. The Coralition is taking action, making plans and determining how to best deal with this rising enemy.

The Emperors, who likely have the largest army ever organized in this realm's history, started off the conflict by taking on one of the most established leagues, the King of Kings. These attacks, which the KoK prepared for by consolidating much of their defense, resulted in a large number of their beacons falling from the assaults.

At this point, the Chronicle made the speculation that the Coralition may target the Emperors’ allies as a result of this action, given the fact that the Emperors themselves held no territory: They had shed their lands in preparation for the battles to come, to make it that much harder for their enemies to retaliate against them.

Rumors are swirling that this is exactly what is going to happen, but first, a major announcement from the Coralition was revealed. A merger of epic proportions would take place.

Many of the top leagues within this alliance have joined forces and are moving the majority of their heaviest hitters under one banner, that of the Destiny league, a battle hardened and well respected force. They are known as the "Super Group".

The combined might of these forces is truly something to behold and marvel at and matches the recently seen firepower from the Emperor's armies.

Joining these ranks, the Marshal of the KoK himself stepped down, along with a number of his captains to move into the newly merged ranks of Destiny.

Marshal KoK Steps Down

Also joining him were his brother and sisters from the KoK Elite division, which shed its beacons and saw a number of its most powerful players also move into the newly formed Destiny league.

KoK Elite Sheds Beacons

KoK Elite Shed Beacons

Taking no pause in their aggression, the Emperors took full advantage of the many beacons that had been "softened" due to members merging into the ranks of Destiny. The realm witnessed much bloodshed, as beacons were toppled by their rampaging forces.

Beacon Wars Go Full Blown

Emperors Continue To Target Coralition

Knowing that the newly formed, stronger Destiny was gearing up for a monstrous server war, the Emperors have doubled down on their commitment to shed all defenses and have asked their Bannerman to continue with the production of offensive forces.

Emperors Move Into Full Offense Server Wars

The Server Wars, as they are now being dubbed, are here. Tensions are running strong, the public forums are a witness to this outrage and madness. The Chronicle will be delving into the thick of it all, reporting back with the latest news from both fronts, whether they be victories or losses, both of which we expect in abundance. Stay tuned readers, and until then, stay safe, if you can.

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