Uncertainty of War Forces Leagues to Choose Sides

The Knights Templar 3 has left the protection of the KT family, but for how long? Unseen events that risk reshaping the realm have brought much uncertainty, death and destruction. Leagues are choosing sides and things may never be the same.

The Knights Templar 3 Leave the Fold?

With all the chaos, destruction, and turmoil that has been unfolding over the past couple of weeks, much news has been missed and many events have gone untold.

At times we must step back and realize the realm is rapidly changing. A new major war, possibly one that will dwarf all previous wars, is just getting underway and no one truly knows what direction it will take.

Regardless of the battles that have been sparked between the Coralition and the Emperors, other events have indeed taken place. One of significance was the separation of a major body of the Knights Templar family.

KT3 has long had many differences with the main body of the Knights Templar family. This is common amongst leagues that consist of multiple bodies and as we have seen recently, the King of Kings just had one of its sister leagues separate from the main body. This story was recently recounted in an edition of the Chronicles.

Posting the following message, KT3's Marshal, Aaron, informed his ranks that this was the end of their connection with the Knights Templar family and they would be moving in their own direction. Their differences could not be resolved and there was no other course of action that could be taken.

KT3 Dropping Out OF KT

This caused much confusion amongst the ranks of members and many more with their allies. Aaron received a flood of messages, asking what was going on and letting KT3 know that they were appreciated, no matter what they decided.

Although it appeared that they would move forward in their own direction, recent unfoldings across the realm have polarized many important leagues, pulling them towards the side of the Coralition or to the side of the Emperors and their growing list of allies. The Emperors are sorely in need of allies for the ongoing war they now find themselves embroiled in.

After much talk and further negotiations, much to the delight of many of the members of the Knights Templar 3, Aaron and his leadership decided that it would be in their best interest to reverse this decision and reenter into the fold of the Knights Templar, once again becoming their brothers in arms and allies.

KT3 Back in The Fold

As can be seen in their message, the hint of a coming war for their members is alluded to. This is not the only league to send out this message, proving the point that this is an event that is truly reshaping the map and bringing numerous parties into an upcoming war of epic proportions. 

Two more examples, but not the only ones to do so, are of the leagues Anarchy and the Ironclad, who made mention of this upcoming war and their possible involvement in it.

Anarchy Prepares For War

Ironclad Prepares for The beacon Wars

What is coming? Will the realm survive the upcoming battles that risk spreading a darkness the likes we have never seen before? The answers to these questions are unknown, but we can feel it in our bones, as it is likely you can as well. Prepare yourself, the server wars are coming and things may never be the same.

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