The Beacon Wars Return in Force

The Emperors have left the Unforgiven family, shed their beacons and are now on the warpath. Striking out, they land the first blow against the King of Kings in what is sure to be a bloody and savage campaign.

The Emperors Declare War on the KoK's

A battle of epic proportions has begun. The Emperors, formerly known as the Unforgiven Emperors, have shed the first part of their name and declared war on some of the most powerful leagues in the realm.

Their name was not all that they shed in anticipation of this coming war. They dropped all their beacons, paring down to the bare minimum they needed to function. Knowing that although this would cost them much in land, influence and power, it would allow them to attack with little to no immediate ramifications, limiting their losses in the short term.

The Emperors took their vast defenses from their network of beacons and moved a large portion of them into their Fortress, which they rapidly leveled up, making them the first to do so in our realm's history.

Once these moves were initiated and put in place, the attacks began. 

The target of their choice was to be the King of Kings, which at the time was the top-ranked league in the realm and the warden of the Eastern borderlands.

Their attacks came suddenly but were not entirely unexpected by the King of Kings, who had been moving their defenses and consolidating their forces, as they heard many rumors that this battle would be rapidly approaching. Thus, they minimized their losses in the battles that then unfolded.

The Emperors struck out and toppled a number of beacons in rapid succession, meeting little resistance from the nearly empty KoK beacons.

Emperors Besiege 379

Emperors Besiege Beacon 380

Emperors Besiege Beacon 436

Unforgiven Besiege Beacon 191

Unforgiven Besiege Beacon 232

Unforgiven Besiege Beacon 326

Unforgiven Besiege Beacon 329

Unforgiven Besiege Beacon 383

Unforgiven Declare War KoK

As can be seen from the large number of reports shown above, many beacons were struck and many fell. Although the loss of lives were minimized due to the King of Kings withdrawing their forces, it still made an impact on the realm, as a sea of red flooded the screens of many citizens across the realms.

Battle Over Beacon 246

Continuing to test the waters, the Emperors began testing additional beacons with smaller forces that failed in their attempt as they were solidly defended.

Meanwhile, the King of Kings did not sit idly by. They issued commands to their forces, mobilizing and telling them to assault the enemy at home, attacking and firebombing all that they could, while encouraging their members and laying out a plan of action.

KoK Prepares For War

KoK Prepares For War 1

KoK Retaliates Unforgiven

Meanwhile, behind the scenes, they worked on getting themselves in a better position to do battle, shedding and handing some more of their beacons to allies of theirs. A number of arranged handoffs were made, letting the KoK further strengthen their defenses in those beacons that remained.

KoK Consolidates

KoK Hands FoH Beacon 282

The madness has died down compared to what it was just a few short days ago, when numerous leagues were getting in on the action and beacons were trading hands at a rapid pace. Now, it is to be seen what will happen next.

It is undoubtable that if and when the Emperors plan on expanding again, they are going to have to deal with a mighty foe. The King of Kings will likely now monitor the situation and attempt to stifle their growth, whenever and however they can.

In addition to this, their allies stand ready to move in and assist in the conquest of the Emperors if they seek to expand again, as the KoKs belong to the most powerful alliance currently in this realm, the Coralition.

The Chronicle will continue to monitor these renewed Beacon Wars and report back to you with all the news we can. Stay tuned.

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