At Long Last!

Sound the trumpets! Bring out your finest foods and rejoice!

The Beacon Wars have come to an end!

With the coming of the latest wave of Beacons that surfaced throughout the land, the leagues that have been at each other's throats for as long as anyone can remember have entered into talks of peace.

These talks have resulted in a putting aside of differences, laying down of arms and the forging of a hopefully everlasting peace. A peace that will enable the citizens of this great realm to finally rest their weary bones.

The terms were laid out upon the public forums, where Friction, a well known member and a leader of The Knights Templar called upon the other realms leaders to take part and agree to the peace terms.

Beacon Wars End

All across the realm, this message was heard and the leaders of the most well-known and respected clans ventured forth to make their voice heard and to sign their names to the peace pact, in the hope of putting aside their differences and finding peace for their citizens. 

Following this, leaders went back to their soldiers, back to their lands and their people. They sent their messengers out, so all would know of the joyous news. 

A Beacon non-aggression pact had been signed, their seats of power would no longer be in jeopardy and they could finally begin the long awaited process of picking up the pieces and continuing on with a normal life, as best as they could.

Beacon Non Aggression

Beacon War End

Many will ask, what does this mean for our future? What does it mean for those who did not directly participate in the greatest war that this realm has ever seen? 

Will the lands that they took during the time of conflict remain theirs? Or will old masters return home to claim what they believe to be theirs? 

Only time will tell, but the Chronicle is in no short supply of that. We will be back next week, sharing the latest news and how these events unfold and affect those who inhabit these great lands we call Stormfall.


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