Lands Are Claimed

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In the North, in the East, in the West and in the south, new beacons are spotted. They rose from the ground in a movement that shook the realm. Never before have so many beacons arose at once, never before have so many lands been gained in a single night.
Yet, these seats of power, that so many covet did not rise undefended. From the depths they came and with them a garrison of Balur's finest. These minions would not relinquish their strongholds freely.
Our brave warriors and nobles cared little for what they desired, Balur and his forces have been greatly diminished from years of battle against the united front of the free people. Their forces were cast aside and quickly new ownership of the beacons was granted.
The early images of these beacons, that the Stormfall Chronicle was able to obtain from our gryphon aerial shots, show the clans that acted quickly and seized what they believed to be theirs.

New Beacons North

New Beacons East

New Beacons West

New Beacons South

In the North, the Knights of Camelot and the Bilskirnir leagues acted fast, extending their influence in those areas further and seizing the beacons that arose in their very back yards.
In the East, the Hating Crackheads and the King of Kings quickly claimed beacons of their own. While in the West, The Unforgiven Knights, The Knights Templar and The Balkan Knights laid siege and were victorious against Balurs forces.
Finally, in the South, We Are Romania extended their lands by claiming a large amount of newly risen beacons, while DaM Nations, Anarchy, Demon Heart and The Blues quickly took a beacon of their own.
This, the largest increases in beacon lands this realm has ever seen, quickly resulted in a number of battles that resulted in much bloodshed and many dreams forever shattered.
Steel clashed on steel and dragon's fire filled the air. The lust for power was great amongst many of our noble lords and as everyone knows, the beacons equal power.
This story is so grand and so large, that it could not be possibly told in one single sitting, next week the Chronicle will return, sharing with you, our readers, the many battles that have already unfolded and many more of those yet to come. Until then, be safe citizens and batten your hatches, the smell of blood is in the air.

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