Warlocks Taken by Surprise

Violence in the South! Two sides have been pitted against one another! Before today, these sides were prone to battles, they were prone to scuffles, but never before had the amount of bloodshed been so total.

The Anarchy League is one of the newest and most noteworthy Leagues in the realm, known for their alliance to none and their willingness to enter any fray, no matter which side suffers the most losses.
Anarchy has been attracting some key players from across the realm, many of whom are familiar to our readers. They have also been actively involved in the Beacon wars, although never officially taking a side.
The second League in question is the Warlocks. A well established, seasoned League, the Warlocks are a key member of the "Supernaturals" alliance and an ally of the titanic Knights Templar League.

The battle came as a surprise to the Warlocks, who were unaware of the dangers that awaited them and their men. Unbeknownst to them, the Anarchy League had become privy to secret information meant only to be known to the Warlocks, or so they assumed.
The plans we speak of? The Warlocks’ intention to abandon one of their seats of power and hand it off to an ally; in other words, Beacon #118.

The decision was made by the leadership and the Warlocks’ warriors began packing their gear, knowing that allies were on the way to relieve them of their station. As a result, it came as an utter shock when, on the horizon, they spied not a friendly banner but one known to them as belonging to the Anarchy League.
An informant had tipped the leadership of Anarchy off and they, ever the opportunists, assembled a strike force and immediately set off to the southern lands.
The forces of the Warlocks were unprepared and completely overwhelmed. The Chronicle shares this report with you below.

Kitty Failed retake Beacon 118

The Warlocks’ defenders were scattered and their fight was lost. Only a few lonely Griffins escaped with their lives, their riders fleeing to carry the word back to their comrades.
Anarchy's defenders quickly took to the walls, tearing down the Warlocks banner and replacing it with their own. The battle was won, for now...

Anarchy Beacon 118

Anarchy Beacon 118

Outraged by this and the fact that the Anarchy League was now residing in what they considered to be their lands, The Knights Templar 2 retaliated quickly, the nearest one of their members could see the smoke clouds on the horizon so, rallying her warriors, Kitty struck.

Anarchy Werewolves Beacon 118

This rash decision cost her and her men dearly.

The defenders of Anarchy had already fortified the walls and what was expected to be a ragtag force, barely secure within the Beacon, turned out to be a formidable one. The attackers smashed against the walls, destroying themselves in the process.
This story continues to unfold. The Chronicle is on the front lines and will have more updates for you as they come in. Rest assured that our scouts are monitoring the battlefield as are the spies of the Knights Templar and their allies... War is in the air.

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