The Beacon Wars Hit a Climax

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You thought it safe? You thought that the fighting was over and the lands were entering into a new era of peace? You thought wrong. The Beacon wars may very well be drawing to an end, but not before some very climatic battles unfold.

The Chronicle brings you one of the largest attacks and defenses that this realm has ever seen in its entire history. The battle was so large that it shook the very earth to its core and made dragons flee in fear. This is thee battle of the Beacon Wars, this is chaos.

Armies of untold quantity and force marched across the lands. The Knights Templar and their sister leagues assembled their mighty forces, grand as they are and battle hardened from the years of bloodshed.
They assembled them not for a mere skirmish, no this was a battle that would be remembered throughout the centuries. The target? The league Destiny, a member of the Coralition and one of their sworn enemies.
Earlier on, when the Beacon Wars were just beginning, these two sides were at each others necks, forcing each other into strategic retreats, both sides losing much ground in the process and suffering crippling losses.

Destiny was forced to make a tactical call and withdraw the bulk of their defenders to the outskirts in the East, there they fortified their two most important strongholds, beacons #95 and #124.
Knowing that these beacons were heavily defended, the Knights Templar bided their time, gathering their strength for the day when they could wipe Destiny off the map.

To their leaders, this day had come, Destiny would suffer for the wrongs they had done to them and no longer would they wait passing the time as their enemy continued unopposed.
The Armies marched forth, leaving a track of desolation in their path, the food that it took to keep these armies alive, consumed livestock and fields in all directions that they passed.

The attacks came unbeknownst to Destiny, but they were prepared, knowing that this day would come. They had also not sat idly by, their defenders had recouped from their earlier losses and concentrated in two primary beacons they were a force to behold.
Attack after attack shattered on beacon #124, the defenders suffered great losses, but the attackers much more. The softening blows issued from the Knights Templar lasted through the night and the reports were staggering, the Chronicle shares these below.

KT Fails Destiny

As you can see from the image above, wave after wave of attackers landed at the gates of Destiny, only to be repelled. Yet, the largest army yet to be assembled in these lands was to come. The mighty Roane of the Knights Templar were quickly approaching on the horizon.
The banners of the Knights Templar were so numerous, they blotted out the sun, darkness fell upon beacon #124, but the defenders were emboldened, they were numerous and strong, beacon #124 had been yet to fall from the onslaughts and morale was high. Their day had come.

Rhoane Wipe Destiny

The image above shows the grotesque amount of lives lost from the attackers, over 25000 Necromancers alone fell in battle. Their magic, unable to break the wards and the spirits of the defenders guarding Destiny's beacon.
Forced into retreat, the remaining attackers returned home, wounded, but glad to be alive. So many lives were lost on this day, but one ray of hope may come from all this madness, perhaps this was the climatic end of the Beacon Wars, perhaps now we can find peace?

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