How to get the most out of your Sapphires in Stormfall: Rise of Balur

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Sapphires are an essential Resource for anyone hoping to do well in Stormfall: Rise of Balur. Sapphires can be used to do almost anything, from training and reviving Units to reducing the time it takes you to construct a Building, Discover a Lost Art, or train a Unit. Just about every in-game action can be sped up with Sapphires. 

All these ways of using Sapphires often leaves new players feeling overwhelmed and lost. This guide’s aim is to clear up any confusion that might arise around the use of Sapphires and explain the best way to use this valuable Resource if you’re stuck with only a very limited supply. I hope this guide helps you in your quest to rule Darkshine.

How can I get Sapphires?

  1. Hamlets (high risk, high reward. Other Lords and Ladies can hit your Hamlets and destroy your Units.)
  2. Amelia's Gifts
  3. Completing certain Special Quests gives you Sapphires as a reward.
  4. Tournaments are a good way to get Sapphires. There is almost always some kind of tournament going on and you can get Sapphires just for participating.  Note: If you or your League score particularly highly, you will get additional rewards. The higher your score, the better your prize.
  5. When you click on the Amelia icon on the top left corner of your home screen you can view quests that are available for you to do. There are hundreds of these quests and completing some of them will give you Sapphires.
  6. Being active in forums outside the game can, from time to time, reward you with Sapphires.
  7. On special occasions - Plarium’s Anniversary, Christmas, Halloween, etc. - Plarium will send gifts to their players that very often contain Sapphires. You usually have two or three days to claim these.
  8. And finally, the easiest method: Buying packs and chests (go to the top right corner of the Castle screen) in exchange for real life money. If you want to do this, I recommend you wait for big discounts (up to 90%). The best offers can give you over 1.5k Sapphires per dollar spent. 

This is why, if you decide to spend money on the game, it’s better to buy all your packs at once and thus avoid having to shop regularly. You will only get the 90% discounts if you don't buy anything for a month or two.

Where should I spend Sapphires?

Here are the ways in which I recommend you to spend Sapphires, regardless of whether you’re a pro or a novice:

  • Buy Immortals to boost your Castle Defense up to 1500+. This is enough to cause your neighbors instant regret if they decide to raid you.
  • Get all 4 Craftsmen. These are extremely important and absolutely worth it.
  • Get some more Castle Defense (Catapults, Sentries, additional Immortals). By this point you should be producing plenty of Gold and Iron and have enough Units to protect yourself. Getting raided will become more and more rare.
  • Get the Altar of Weor. This is a good investment, though don't buy it too early because it gives you a percentage return and can be destroyed if someone successfully raids you. Rebuilding it back up to the maximum level takes a week. Another plus? You only need to buy it once.
  • Buy some Thieves when you can get them at a 50% discount. These fellas ensure you a much faster raiding experience.
  • Try to get to 10,000+ Castle Defense. There is no need to go further than 13,000 because at that point the word will have spread that your Castle is super strong and players will almost never attack you. 

Note: Upgrade your Immortals to Red Dragons first, then buy a Castle skin. Upgrade your Sentries and Catapults last, since they are more expensive.

  • At this point, you will be getting close to level 35 on your Townhouses and Mines. Save all your Sapphires to buy Sketches when there is a 30% discount. This will give you 7,000 Sapphires for merely 1,000 Sketches.
  • What most people forget: There is a House of Unity in your Castle that will give a bonus percentage to your Resource production. Upgrade it to level 5 with Timber Packs (these can be bought with Sapphires)
  • If you really want to showcase your power, buying a 20% boost with Sapphires is a good option. Definitely not a must though.

Hero gear: The Class 3 purple tier is the best for most players (unless you have hundreds of dollars to spend on the game, then I would recommend the Class 4 purple tier). If you do not discover Griffins and Undead Dragons, your Bgs will only drop Class 3 Hero items, which makes it much easier to dress your Hero in purple gear. As a result, there won’t be any need to buy Hero gear from the Black Market.

Otherwise, I would invest the 26k Sapphires towards buying the purple Hero items. Those are worth it.

Where shouldn’t I spend Sapphires? 

Unless you can afford to buy lots of Sapphires, I wouldn’t recommend using them on the following features:

Instant level up. This isn’t worth very much because leveling up doesn’t give you any advantages in a fight.

Instant building construction/research. With 4 Craftsmen you can afford to wait a few days.

Reviving Units. The exception here would be Thieves, since they can be very useful. Reviving Units is expensive. I prefer spending those Sapphires on Sketches to upgrade my metal production so that I can train more Units to replace the ones I lost. This will ultimately give me something in return for my investment. Reviving Units right away just gives you some Units back but ultimately does nothing to permanently benefit your Castle.

Thanks for reading.

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