Sanctum of Shards

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Shards have been a part of Stormfall: Age of War for a while now, and they can play an important part in your strategy since each type of shard give different bonuses and boosts to different types of units. Even though Shards are not a new addition to the game, a lot of players still overlook their importance, and don't bother visiting their Sanctum of Shards building, where Shards are stored and used.

Luckily, Daniel Hinton (AKA USCG Assassin) has a new video guide that explores the dark halls of the Sanctum of Shards. The video goes over the basics of how to equip Shards properly, how to remove and switch them for new Shards, and of course - how to get more. 

Watching this video guide will teach you about the levels of Shards, and how to upgrade them. You'll also see where to look for the different bonuses they provide and how the Shard's level affect them. Leveling, or upgrading, your Shards is done by combining two lower level Shards together to create a Shard with a higher level. For example, combining two level 3 Shards will create a new level 4 Shards. You'll be able to see that in action in the video.

Once you decide on the Shard you want to use, you can equip it in the Sanctum of Shards very easily. Removing them is a little trickier. That's why Hinton also chose to talk about Celestial Wands. Using one such a Wand can remove a Shard without destroying it, which is very useful if you want to keep your high level Shards for another time.

There are a few ways to get new Shards, with the most accessible one being purchasing a Shard Coffer in the Black Market. However, Hinton  goes over a few other ways you might be able to get some Shards without spending Sapphires, so be sure to stick till the end for some tips.

Follow this Sanctum of Shards video guide, learn how to get the maximum out of your Shards, and gain the advantage in combat.

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