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There are many Resources that can help you progress through Stormfall, but the three you simply cannot do without are Iron, Gold, and Food. These are the basic Resources, about which we have spoken about at length in other articles. If you have read any of my previous work on the subject of Resources, you will know that there are many ways to build up your stockpiles of Iron and Gold in particular.
In this article, we are going to focus more heavily on Raiding, which (in my opinion at least) is the most effective way of keeping a steady flow of Resources coming into your Castle. However, we are not discussing how to raid in this guide, but how to find good Raid targets.

How do I start?

It is obviously preferable to raid targets that are close to your Castle, as this will reduce the amount of time needed for your Units to get to their target and return with the goods.  The easiest way to find other players is to scroll around the Map, starting near to your own Castle and gradually moving further away.
However, with so many Castles to choose from, how do we know which ones are ripe for Raiding?

What am I looking for?

There are a few signals that indicate that a Castle is a good Raiding target. These are a few of them:

  1. The Castle’s owner is not the member of a League. Some League Marshals may advise you not to raid players who are in Leagues (to avoid conflict with that League), although others are more liberal.
  2. The Castle appears to be inactive (whether they are in a League or not)                
  3. The Castle is not at an unbelievably low Level. Higher Level Castles have higher production rates and storage capacities, and thus are more likely to have a good amount of Resources for you to “collect”
  4. The Castle has negative Raid Stats
  5. The Castle is under Siege

Over the course of this guide, we will look at these points one by one, and evaluate the positives and negatives of each. Raiding is not risk-free, and there can be times when even the best laid plans end in disaster, but we can make sure that we are prepared and that we don’t take unnecessary risks.

How to find inactive Castles:

Most players that have played the game for a long time will have seen the benefits of being part of a League, so if a player is not part of a League, it may be a sign that they have not played the game for some time. This would mean that player’s Castle may be easier to raid (if their Units had been lost elsewhere) but at very least that the player is unlikely to retaliate and raid you back.
However, it may be the case that such a player simply does not like interacting with friends – in which case they may well have invested heavily in securing their Castle from attackers. This would be bad news for your Raiding party. Although there is a chance of that any deserted Castle could be inhabited by a heavily armed loner, it is altogether more likely that the player is inactive. You could try sending a message to the player you are about to raid and see if there is a reply, but this is not a reliable way to check for activity.
However, even players in Leagues can be inactive. If they are, their Castle may say that they are in a League, but show one or more of the following signs:
Level: If the player’s Level is unusually low in comparison to the Lords in the Castle’s around them, it may well be that the player is no longer active in the game. Generally speaking, if you are aiming for the big numbers (say a 50K raid) you should really be looking at Castles of Level 37 or higher. However, be warned that results may vary from Castle to Castle.
Raid Stats: The game tracks the amount of Resources that have been raided by each player in the game. Resources that you collect during Raids are added to this number, while those that are raided from you are deducted. This is usually a good indicator for how active a player is in the game: if a player has abandoned their Castle and is being Raided on a regular basis, their total Raid statistics will likely be in negative numbers. In general, the players with the lowest Raid statistics are the most suitable ones to raid.
New Features: There are some new features that have been added to the game since the beginning of 2016, such as the Dragon and Hero features. As these are features that bring many benefits to the Lords that use them, those that do not yet have a Dragon or Hero are presumably very stubborn, lacking intelligence, or – in the majority of cases – absent. If you visit a Castle and the Dragon Stone Building has not been created, chances are that it will be an excellent Raiding target.  

Case Study:


To test my theories, I scrolled a number of miles away from my Castle to an area I usually do not usually visit. I came across this Castle:

                                                                                                          Stormfall Castle

Let’s have a look for the indicators we listed above:        

  • This is a Level 44 Castle, located in an area where the higher Level players are between Levels 60 and 70. According to my theory, the player will probably be less active or possibly even inactive by now. Furthermore, the Castle is of a high enough Level to make Raiding worthwhile.             
  • The player is not in a League. No League badge can be seen.
  • Moreover, we can see that the Castle name contains what looks like an Alliance tag, so the player was likely in a League within an Alliance, but has since left the League. This could have been due to being inactive. More importantly, a Castle without a League is not considered to be in an Alliance, so you will not be at risk of reprisals by other members.

As the signs looked promising, I decided to take a quick look inside the Castle itself:

                                                         Inside Stormfall Castle
There are a few points to pay attention to here:
The newest Building in the Castle looks to be the Sanctum of Shards. This was released a long time ago now, and there are several other Buildings that were released after this one. From this, we can ascertain that the Castle may have been abandoned.
There are only 4 Iron Mines. A long time ago, players were limited to 5 Townhouses and 4 Iron Mines (or vice versa), but this was changed so that Castles could have 5 of each. If the player has not built these objects, it would suggest that this Castle has not been active for a very long time indeed.
Half-expecting what I would find, I ventured onwards to inspect the player’s Hero.

                                                                                    The Hero

It had not been touched. Another tick on the checklist.
I also decided to take a look at the player’s profile, starting with the date the Castle was founded.

                                                                                                           Castle creation date

This was around two and a half years ago. Even by a conservative estimate, reaching level 44 would have taken weeks – or even months – but definitely not years. As such it is possible the Lord in question has given up playing the game altogether, and as such that the Castle is inactive.


In terms of Raiding statistics, we can look at the second line of the screenshot above. This depicts a negative balance of 7297.1K. This means that this Castle has been raided for almost 7.3 MILLION Resources more than it has ever claimed from Raids. In short, the lights are on, but no one is home. If you find Castles that have stats such as these, it means they are likely being used as a Resource farm by one or more players.


The problem with Castles that are obvious Raiding targets is that they are…well, obvious. If the Raid stats are as extreme as the case above, it could be that the Resource Buildings inside the Castle do not get much time at all to create the Resources that will be put in storage. As such, it could be that when you hit a Castle that looks very promising and sure to yield you 40K to 100K Resources in one hit, it may in fact give you very little!
There is a solution to this of course: if you want to find out exactly what is in a Castle, you can use Spies. Once you find a Castle you know is inactive, you can send in one or more Spying Units to check how many Units and Resources there are. In situations such as the one above there will likely be no Units, and you can see the amount of Resources currently in the Castle from your Reports. You may want to test this at different times of the day, as this will give you a good feeling for the maximum amount of Resources that the Castle can hold, or how often it seems to get raided by other players. If you wanted to set an “alarm”, you could reinforce the Castle with a single Archer and see how long it takes for her to get destroyed.

Income tuning

If you are new to Raiding, you may want to start in a simple way. Begin by targeting real nearby Castles of a low Level. Although this type of Raid will probably give you only 3K to 20K for each hit, the advantage is these targets are close and require less travel time. Until you have upgraded them properly, your storage Buildings (warehouse and barn) won’t be able to hold a lot of Resources anyway, so even if you do bring home a massive amount of Resources, most of these will be lost. Once you get your storage Buildings up to a good Level - and you can actually keep all the Resources your Units bring back home - you can select higher Level targets.
If you want to make Raiding into a steady stream of income, you should make sure to get as close to the maximum of 10 raids each day as possible. If you are bringing in big Rewards from raids (anything from 50K or more) you should try to create a list of Raid targets to make your job easier. As a guideline, I would recommend having 10 different Castles for each day of the week on the list, making a total of 70 Raid targets that will give you between 30K and 100K per raid.
Personally, I prefer to have a longer list so I can mix up my targets a little. My list has over a 100 Castles of levels 37 to 67, each of which can give me 30K to 100K whenever I need the Resources to train more Units!

About Bob

My name is Bob Cornelissen and I have been playing Stormfall for a few years now. I am a long time officer and Marshall in a League called “Dragon Raider”. Check us out if you are looking for a friendly League where you can learn much more about Stormfall.

This article was written by player Bob Cornelissen, who granted permission for it to be posted on Any thoughts or views expressed herein are the player's own, and do not necessarily reflect the views of Plarium Global.

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