Navigating Units on the Black Market: Expense Doesn’t Always Equal Value

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By Łukasz Bryzek

There are 32 types of Units, made up of 12 Infantry, 7 Cavalry, 5 Occult, and 8 Bestiary Units. Which one is the best? Pondering that question can be a real headache. Each class has its own champion for every task. Let us look at some numbers so you can see what I mean.


I don’t know about you but I build Units for two things only:
1.       PvP
2.       BGs

Does anyone else use troops for anything different in this game? I don’t think so. Even if you do, I am sure you will know a little more about Units after reading this article.

So what is the difference between BGs and PvP? The answer is simple: RESOURCES! Units for PvP need to be cheap and effective while Units for the BGs need to be expensive because we need to feed the BGs with Resources.

Since we know the difference between the tasks and the requirements for the Units for them, we can go straight to analyzing Units of each class: Infantry, Cavalry, Occult, and Bestiary.
Before we do this, however, there is one thing that needs to be explained – Vampire Units.

Those are the Units we buy with Amulets. It is obvious that they do not require any Food to produce; therefore, they might top all rankings of Units for PvP. However, acquiring Amulets takes time, and that is an argument against utilizing those Units because we want to build as many Units as we possibly can in the shortest possible period of time. Nevertheless, Vampire Units are included in the tables below and are marked with asterisks (*).


Offensive Unit Cost Time Designation Designation Time Cost Defensive Unit
Pikeman 300 5m PvP PvP / BG 3m 120 Archer
Paladin 520 8m PvP PvP 4m30s 192 Dwarf
Pathfinder 1300 10m BG** PvP 10m 430 Arbalaster
* Seeker 500 12m PvP PvP 10m 430 Bear Rider
        PvP 20m 860 Warden
        PvP 20m 860 Ballista
        BG 7m 520 Huntress
        PvP 5m 210 * Lost One

*Vampire Unit
**The efficiency of Pathfinder changes considerably with the Ulrich’s Blade Relic.

Ranking of Infantry Units best for PvP:

  Offense Defense
1. Pikeman Archer
2. *Seeker  *Lost One
3. Paladin Dwarf, Arbalaster, Bear Rider, Warden, Ballista
4. Pathfinder** Huntress

*Vampire Unit
** Without Ulrich’s Blade, the Pathfinder is the worst PvP Unit of all Infantry Units. With one Relic (enabled), Pathfinder advances to 3rd place. With two Relics (enabled) it is THE BEST Infantry Offensive Unit for PvP, the most efficient of all classes even! 


Offensive Unit Cost Time Designation Designation Time Cost Defensive Unit
Knight 2166 30m PvP BG 19m 1760 Nomad
Great Lord 3520 45m PvP PvP/BG 19m 1900 Barbarian
Reaver 5400 45m BG PvP 23m 890 *Reiter
*Priestess 1880 54m PvP        

*Vampire Unit
Ranking of Cavalry Units best for PvP:

  Offense Defense
1. *Priestess *Reiter
2. Knight Nomad
3. Great Lord Barbarian
4. Reaver  

 *Vampire Unit

Although the Knight is cheaper than the Great Lord, the GL provides a better punch - approximately 50% more in Offense. Knights are cheaper than Great Lords though.
Starting from Cavalry, Vampire Units will dominate the rankings because of their cost: effectiveness ratio. They are cheap because they require no Food, but the production time is longer.


Offensive Unit Cost Time Designation Designation Time Cost Defensive Unit
Warlock 7823 1h30m PvP BG/PvP 19m 5000 Golem
Necromancer 10610 1h53m PvP/BG PvP/BG 19m 5300 Demon
*Renegade 5074 2h52m PvP        

 *Vampire Unit
Ranking of Occult Units best for PvP:

  Offense Defense
1. *Renegade Golem
2. Warlock Demon
3. Necromancer  

 *Vampire Unit


Offensive Unit Cost Time Designation Designation Time Cost Defensive Unit
Wyvern 19000 3h PvP PvP 1h14m 7500 Griffin
Dragon 24277 3h30m PvP PvP 2h13m 3900 *Undead Dragon
Chimera 18200 2h53m BG        

 *Vampire Unit
Ranking of Bestiary Units best for PvP:

  Offense Defense
1. Wyvern *Undead Dragon
2. Dragon Griffin
3. Chimera  


When you are choosing Units for PvP, consider their cost and how many Offensive points they give per each Resource spent. You want to gain as many points as possible, losing as few Units as possible. Notice also that Units have different weaknesses. Knowing the composition of your enemy’s army will also help you be more efficient.

Save your BG-type Units at all cost. Do not lose your focus or send them to battle because some player made you angry. Stay focused and plan your moves carefully. Like Sun Tzu said,
“Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win.”

 This article was written by player Łukasz Bryzek, who granted permission for it to be posted on Any thoughts or views expressed herein are the player's own, and do not necessarily reflect the views of Plarium Global.

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