PVP Tournaments

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About the PvP Tournament

During a PvP (Player Versus Player) Tournament, you will earn rewards for raiding and/or defending! PvP Warfare lasts for a limited time. While active, you can earn PvP points for Units lost and/or killed:

  • at Castles
  • at Settlements and Hamlets
  • at Beacons
  • at League Fortresses

Balur Units at Beacons and Battlegrounds do not award PvP points. These are PvE battles (= Player versus Environment).

Your rank during a given PvP Tournament is based solely on your PvP points. You will see a special icon on your battle reports if PvP points were earned in that battle. If the icon isn’t there, you did not earn any points and your ranking will remain the same.

Why didn't I receive PvP points?

PvP points are granted based on how many enemy Units you kill, and how many of your own Units die. Bigger battles where more Units die award more PvP points than small skirmishes! If a given battle does not earn you any PvP points, you probably didn’t destroy enough Units for it to count.

Key points of the PvP quest

Remember the following key points:

  • Even if you have won all of the available rewards, you continue to earn ranking points. The reward for first place will go to the player who has the highest ranking points at the end of the event.
  • You must reach Level 15 and have built Eagle's Nest and House of Lords to participate in a PvP Tournament.
  • Attacking and defending Battlegrounds does not award PvP points.
  • Beacons and Battleground missions do not award PvP points. Killing Balur’s Units is PvE, not PvP. 
  • If you do not earn any PvP points from a given battle, it may be because you did not destroy enough enemy Units.

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