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Any Lord or Lady looking to rule Stormfall needs to know how to best take advantage of Paragon Status. Unfortunately, many in the realm of Darkshine do not know how to maximize Paragon Status to their advantage. This is to their detriment as Paragon Status provides special benefits and incredible Bonuses to Lords and Ladies who have activated it. Paragon Status also provides bonuses to all areas of Unit and Castle statistics. 

To activate Paragon Status, you must first collect Paragon Points. Doing so is not difficult and can be done simply by logging into the game every day. Each consecutive day you log in will see Rewarded with an increasing number of Paragon Points. Additional Paragon Points can be earned by participating in Tournaments and other game events and by clearing Battlegrounds.

Once you have accumulated enough Paragon Points, you will be able to active your Paragon Status. To do this, you will also need a Paragon Activator. You can get a Paragon Activator either by purchasing it at the Black Market (go to the “Misc” tab) or as a Reward by participating in special game events. 

Keep in mind that your Paragon Status will expire after a set amount of time, at which point you must re-activate it manually. 

To gain the benefits from your Paragon Status, ensure that it is “Active”. This means keeping an eye on it so that when it expires, you can quickly re-activate it. Activating your Paragon Status is a simple procedure that requires you to go to the Black Market and open the “Misc” tab. Once there, see the Paragon Activator and click “Apply”.

There are multiple Levels to each Paragon Status and achieving these Levels is easily reached by collecting Paragon Points. To see how many Paragon Points you need before reaching the next Level, just hit the “Paragon” icon at the top of your screen. You can see in the Paragon Progress Bar exactly how many Points you need before reaching the next Paragon Level. The Paragon Window also contains the following information:

  • Your current Paragon Level
  • Your total number of Paragon Points
  • Time left until your current Paragon Status expires
  • How many Paragon Points you will get the next time you log in
  • Your current Paragon Run, which shows the number of days you have played in a row

As the number of your Paragon Points increase, so will your Paragon Level. If your Paragon Status is active, the number of bonuses you receive from each Level increase will also improve. In order to view how many bonuses any given Paragon Level provides, just click on the Paragon Level icon.

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