The Knights Templar Plan to Strike Anarchy

The war between The Knights Templar and Anarchy is renewed by a threat and leaked plans from within the ranks of KT. Anarchy wastes no time, rallying their forces and striking back against their would-be aggressors.

Anarchy Responds in Force

Two long-standing enemies, the Knights Templar and the Anarchy league. These forces have opposed each other since the end of the first Beacon Wars and clearly there are no intentions from either side to lay down their arms and seek a peaceful resolution.

One side has been more aggressive than the other and has instigated many of the battles we have seen in the past. This side of course is Anarchy, the hyper-aggressive league that has been known to jump on any opportunity to sow chaos around the realm through their vast network of spies (possibly the largest this realm has ever seen).

Yet, in this edition of the Chronicle, it was not Anarchy who instigated the renewal of aggression. No, in this scenario it was the Knights Templar who fired the first shot. 

Through a series of leaked private messages, Anarchy discovered that plans were being made behind the scenes to strike out and topple one of their seats of power, beacon 434.

KT Threatens Anarchy

It was later learned that the plan was to eventually hand beacon 434 to KT2, once it had been ripped from the Anarchy league’s grasp.

Immediately, Anarchy began making preparations for this onslaught against them and rallied their defenders into position, securing and fortifying their strongholds.

In addition to taking this action, they began to strike out against their enemy as well, proving once again that they would not sit idly by as the enemy prepared to land a blow against their forces.

In the end, this resulted in a number of Anarchy members probing and testing the defenders stationed in the Knights Templar 4 fortress. There they found a significant quantity of troops garrisoned.

Combining the might of three of their armies, a retribution attack was launched, the results of which are shared below.

Anarchy Attacks KT4 Fort

Anarchy Attacks KT4 Fort 2

Anarchy Attacks KT4 Fort3

Anarchy Attacks KT4 Fort4

The blow struck, as witnessed above, was devastating to the forces garrisoned in the fortress of the Knights Templar 4. The defenders were simply overwhelmed and few survived the initial onslaught. Yet this would not be the end.

Smelling the blood in the water, a number of other members within the ranks of Anarchy rode out behind the main battalion, sweeping up and hacking down any defenders that attempted to flee from the vicious horde known as Anarchy.

Anarchy Hits KT4 Fort Continued

Anarchy Finishes KT4 Fort Total Kill

In the end, the result was a total destruction of the forces located at this position. A mass execution among the ranks and a devastating blow to the forces of the Knights Templar 4.

Once again, Anarchy proves that if they are threatened, they will respond in force. This battle is far from over we are certain and now the Chronicle awaits the expected retaliation from the forces of the Knights Templar. The war between these two forces continues on.

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