History is Made

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New beacons rise forth and the race is on. Old faces resurge, while new leagues make their mark. What will happen next, nobody knows.

New Beacons Reshape the Ranks

In the midst of all the fighting, in the midst of all the turmoil, the realm has felt a tremor, followed by a shudder. The fabric of realm is not being ripped apart by the monstrous forces that battle one another, but rather another sinister force, the minions of Balur and the dark lord himself.

Once again they have come riding in on the backs of new beacons, beacons that have arisen during a time period of great carnage and madness and will only further fuel the epic bloodshed that we are seeing unfold in our once noble lands.

Taking action and spurring on their steeds, heroes have once again rode forth to battle the Dark Lord and cast his forces back into the hinterlands. In the North, we had the rising forces of the Fellowship, take and secure a number of the newly risen beacons. 

Joining them in these battles were the AoC and the Walking Dead, both of which secured a number of beacons in their league’s name as well.

New beacons North Fellowship AoC WD

Meanwhile in the North-West we saw the Knights of Camelot, once the most powerful and feared league in the realm, rise to the occasion and assert themselves in a manner we have not seen for what feels like eons.

New Beacons NW KoC

As can be seen from the image above. The Knights of Camelot secured a large number of beacons, including some of the most coveted corner beacons. This marks an important moment in our history and may signal to the masses that this great force is back with vengeance.

Nearby, the scene was much different. The French league, the Guilde Des Guerrier, continued their campaign of expansion, taking a number of the newly beacons. Also expanding were the Zirkel and Dominus leagues, who both took a beacon for themselves as well.

New Beacons West Guilde Des Guerrier Zirkel Dominus

Finally, the last stretch of territory that saw these new bastions of power rise forth was in the deep South-West, known as the Knights Templar’s land. Not disappointing their citizens, they rode forth and put the sword to Balurs minions, expanding and keeping control of their borderlands.

New Beacons South West KT

Wasting no time, leagues set forth and immediately began to fortify and upgrade the defenses of these newly taken beacons. A great show of unity was displayed, as leagues quickly leveled up these seats of power in rapid succession.

The Walking Dead New beacons

With the dropping of these new beacons, a power shuffle has once again occurred, which has resulted in the Guilde Des Guerrier moving into the number one position; a historic event for them indeed, as they are the first French league to ever hold that position.

Leagues Upgrade new Beacons

Now, the hard part comes for them: holding that position in a time of great anguish, strife and devastation. The future is uncertain as it always is, but for now, these leagues can rejoice in their recent accomplishments and victories. Until next time, be safe citizens and keep those blades sharp.

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