A River of Blood at the Gates of Destiny

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Unease was in the air, soldiers paced and great lords prepared for a sudden onslaught. 
Destiny, one of the most powerful leagues in the realm, had received a coded report from one of its most trusted spies. A league was planning to strike.

Fortunately for Destiny, their soldiers were already prepared for battle. Their leadership had intentions of marching out at first light, swords in hand, but this was not to be. Soldiers would not be taking the battle to their enemies: their enemies were coming to them.
Adkar, one of Destiny's Captains, informed the troops and told them to prepare for the worst.

INtel Westfront Destiny

The league that was planning the strike was yet unknown, but within a day the riddle would be solved, with violence. 
Soldiers of Westfront poured forth from the treelines. In stealth they had crept into the Eastern lands of Destiny, yet because their advances were foretold, the soldiers of Destiny were waiting with spears, swords and shields in hand. 
The battle for Beacon 157 was on! Wave after wave of Westfront soldiers poured forth; their numbers seemed limitless, yet the stout defenders of Destiny held true. 
The soldiers defending their walls were no young and inexperienced farm hands, no, these were veterans of the Beacon wars, battle hardened and tested.

WestFront Fails Destiny

WestFront Fails Spy Destiny

WestFront Fails Destiny

WestFront Fails Destiny

Captains, Marshals, Fighters and Commanders of the Westfront threw themselves against the walls of beacon 157 to no avail. The defenders of Destiny suffered heavy losses, but not as absolute as those suffered by the attackers. The walls were high and strong, its defenders made of steel.
The attacks above were only a small sample of the failed attempts by Westfront. The reports obtained by the Chronicle show a clear picture of just how many battles were fought on that day.

WestFront Destiny reportsWestFront Destiny reports

WestFront Destiny reports

The losses were truly stunning, both sides received deep wounds. The corpses lay strewn about on the battlefield and the blood flowed so freely that witnesses of the carnage claim a river of death was formed on that gruesome day, carrying small pieces of equipment and body parts within its stream.
What remained of the Westfront forces stalked back into the darkness. The retreat was sounded, their leadership was stunned. 

They had expected to find an unsuspecting target. Knowing now that Destiny must of been forewarned of the attack, they were betrayed from within.
Goon, a captain of Destiny stood upon a parapet and shouted out to the soldiers below.

Goon Destiny Westfront

The day was won, Destiny was proven the victor and now they plan their revenge. 
Westfront may have little time to prepare for the retribution that is coming their way. The drums of war beat loudly, the dogs of war are giving chase and the Chronicle continues to report.

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