Stormfall’s Observer Unit Review

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By O.J. Rushton



Plarium says:

“During the Great Wars of Balur, he sent forth his spies among the Races of Darkshine, to peer into the hearts and minds of his enemies and look for weakness, treachery, and signs that the day of his return had come. Most were discovered and hunted down after the Day of Eclipse, but it is said that some survive still – and that the Silent Ones have ways of turning them to their service…” 

Scary stuff! But their history isn’t exactly the most relevant thing that decides whether these guys are useful though; what you really need to know is that these guys are Scouts 2.0, Scouts on steroids – as good as INVISIBLE Scouts on steroids. If you ever need to do any spying, or defend against any espionage missions – and let’s face it, you will do – you’ll want these guys on your team.


An Observer is what’s known as a Legendary Unit.

Legendary Unit? Yep, they’re as awesome as they sound! Here’s what Plarium say about them:

“Each additional Silent Once, Succubus or Assassin dispatched with an Observer receives a bonus to their Offensive and Defensive espionage statistics.”

What this means to us is that the more Silent Ones, Succubae or Assassins you send out with Observers, the higher bonuses they will receive, the stronger your army will be, and the more battles you’ll win! Sounding good so far?


As you can see in the screenshot above, each Silent One dispatched with an Observer will be granted +15 to their espionage statistics. If you send 20 Silent Ones, you’ll have an overall bonus of +300! The more supporting Units you send out alongside Observers, the higher the bonus will be, up to a maximum bonus of +400 for each Observer. If you continue to dispatch more Observers with more supporting Units, suddenly your Spying capability both offensively and defensively, is looking a damn sight stronger!


Now… Tomorrow… Yesterday… Whenever! Just head to the Black Market and buy one – that’s all there is to it! Yet to be released on Mobile, but we are advised that it is not too far away!


Use your Observer with your Bestiary spying units to enhance your castle defense from prying eyes, or upscale your own offensive spying capability!


The multiplier Observers apply to your Spying Bestiary Units means they will have a massively increased capability. Therefore you will be hard-pressed to come up against an army capable of fending off your spying attempts. Because your Bestiary Spying force will be stronger, you’ll lose a lot less troops and save money on what you’d usually spend reviving your dead Units!

Observers can really be the difference between keeping your Castle safe and secure, along with your Resources, or losing them all to a rival. When people see Observers guarding your Castle, they’ll usually see it as a sign of strength and organization, and keep their distance … smoke and mirrors my friends!


Visit the Black Market, open your wallet and spend the coin. Think of it as an investment – the amount of time and money Observers will save you with re-training Silent Ones will make them worth the money alone. Honestly, if I were to recommend the Legendary Unit I deem to be the best value for money to help players survive in Stormfall, I think it would be the Observer.

If you can get a few of these guys in your ranks, there won’t be many Lords out there in Stormfall able to stop you spying on them!

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