Numbers vs. Power in Stormfall: Age Of War

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By Ángel Dorantes

I have seen in chat many questions about what defense forces to send: if numbers are better than power or power is better than numbers.
In the end what counts is power.
But we should also consider several aspects of a defensive setup:

1. Food consumption.

The lower the power of the unit, the higher the food consumption to produce a certain amount of power compared to a high power unit. For example, If we want an 8K defensive force, we can use 270 archers that will represent a total food consumption of 270 food per hour, or we can use 8 Undead Dragons that will consume 32 food per hour.

2. Cost.

At an early stage of the game where most of us can barely produce golems, thinking of using griffins or undead dragons for a defensive setup means it might be prohibitively expensive to replace them if they are killed in action. While if we set up our defenses with mostly archers and cavalry it will be rather easy to replace those that die in combat.

3. Game Mechanics.

Due to game mechanics, loses in a battle are calculated by percentages, meaning that if you have 1 undead dragon and 100 archers defending, and if in the battle you lose 40%, 40 of your archers will die and your undead dragon will survive.


The best defensive setup will be one based on cheap, fast-building troops combined with a smaller number of high-power units backing them up. This will not be highly food-consumption effective but will be a lot cheaper to rebuild since the cheap troops will take brunt of the losses in any given battle while the stronger troops clean up.

Try to build your defenses in “Pyramids”:

1 Beast
4 Occult
16 Cavalry
64 Infantry
This is the basic pyramid that will provide the best defense against all types of units and will allow for cheap and fast rebuilding. However it will be a heavy burden on your food. If you can't build beast or occult units, just do the same build with 4 infantry units for every cavalry unit, and if you can build golems then build 1 golem, 4 cavalry and 16 infantry.
If you are aiming for something less food consuming but a bit more expensive to rebuild, you can do 3x or 2x pyramids:
1 beast
3 occult
9 cavalry
27 infantry
Remember though that this is not a rule, it is merely a suggestion, and you may build your defensive setup according to your own personal preferences.



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