The Map Reshaped

The greatest miracle of our times, preceded by one of the most gruesome and bloody events in our realm's history. The Beacon Massacre forces the map to reshape itself, as leagues are toppled and war rampages across the countryside.

A Beacon Massacre Erupts

Massive, epic, monumental. Chaos and destruction. Death and turmoil. The words that could be used to describe the event that just recently unfolded in our magnificent homeland are numerous and plentiful. Yet, they all boil down to just two: Beacon Massacre.

The Beacon Massacre was an event in which a rare and historic miracle was promised: 90% of all troops lost during this event were promised to be resurrected upon completion of the event. 

Most pondered on whether this was a trick of the gods, wishing to play us as fools, but regardless of these doubts, many a noble league rode out and took advantage of the event just the same.

Although some chose to simply sustain in a silent protest of the gods and keep their arms sheathed, others had no choice in the matter, as they were forced to defend themselves from their savage enemies.

Some notable leagues that took part in the bloodshed were the Anarchy league, Destiny, Emperors, Dragoni, Corsaires and The Knights Templar via their sub leagues.

Leagues Prepare For Beacon Madness

The battles were so numerous and so vicious, that the Chronicle could in no way, shape or form capture them all in this one article.

In the South, the Anarchy league, vowing to once and for all inflict a killing blow on their enemy and neighbors the Knights Templar 2, went on a bloody crusade as they rampaged across KT2's southern borders. Ripping apart and destroying many of their beacons in the process.

Anarchy Takes 276 Beacon Mass

Beacon Mass KT Loses 325

KT2 Loses 274 Beacon Mass

KT2 Loses Beacon 275

KT2 Takes 375 Anarchy

KT Beacon Mass Lose 324

The end result of these battles, in which the Knights Templar 2 were unable to mount a proper counter offensive, resulted in a complete reshaping of the map, as KT2 lost beacon after beacon to the Anarchy league. Quickly, it appeared that the event name was truly one well chosen.

Working in conjunction with the Corsaires, the Anarchy leadership made arrangements for the French league to move its defenders in place and take hold of what the Anarchy league toppled. Thus greatly expanding the Corsaires influence and lands in the process.

Meanwhile, in the Northeast, a battle of equal or even greater violence was unfolding between the Emperors and Destiny, two of arguably the most powerful leagues in our realm. 

These rivals met in the field as the Emperors laid siege to the lands of the Destiny league, toppling numerous beacons in the process, as Destiny consolidated into their two most coveted beacons.

Beacon Mass Emps Hit Destiny Beacon 450

Destiny Hit By Emps Beacons Mass

Emp Tests Destiny 513 Beacon Mass

Even though under heavy fire, the Destiny league was able to retake their beacons, as "ping-pong" warfare broke out. 

Unfortunately for Destiny, not much else could be done to inflict retribution against the Emperors during this event, as they continue to choose to hold no beacons and remain a full fledged fortress only league.

Yet, this did not stop Destiny from choosing their own targets in the meantime. Destiny mounted a massive siege against the beacons held by the Knights Templar 4 league. In rapid succession, Destiny tore through and toppled all of this leagues beacons, wiping them off the map in the process.

Destiny Takes KT4 Mass

As the day unfolded, a sea of red filled the citizens of the realms "chat boxes", showcasing the violence that was erupting all over the realm.

Beacon Mass Chaos

Beacon Mass Chaos 2

Beacon Mass Chaos 3

Beacon Mass chaos 4

Besides these major battles mentioned previously, the above images showcase the fact that they were not the only ones, and isolated, similar events erupted all over the map.

Emps Take Dragoni Mass Beacon 448

Emps Take Dragon 390 Beacon mass

In the end, Lord Oberon showcased who the top leagues were of the event and the results matched closely to what we highlighted here in this edition of the Chronicle.

Beacon Massacre Final Results

The Emperors took the top position, followed by Destiny and Anarchy. Truly, this was one of the grimmest events, we have ever seen, and one of the dirtiest tricks ever played out by the gods above.

Fortunately, true to their word, 90% of the dead rose forth after the battles, for those who were lucky enough to visit their graveyards and raise their fallen troops. 

Unfortunately for those who have become "inactive", they may see their forces lost forever, which is a serious blow to a number of leagues who rely on these defenders to help protect their lands.

It is unclear whether or not this was a one off event, or if in the future we will see this madness unfold again. We shall see, for the gods are a fickle bunch and ever full of surprises.

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