Record Breaking Beacons Rise Forth

The most ever, the most beacons this realm has EVER seen, have risen forth from the crust of the realm. Yet, even as leagues rush out to claim these gifts, a threat looms darkly over all...

Leagues Expand their Realms, While a Great Threat Looms

Never before, never before in the history of this great realm have we EVER experienced such a creation of new lands. The newest wave of beacons has risen forth from the crust of the earth and it is a stunning sight to see.

All around the entirety of the map, new beacons have come forth in the hinterlands. The great lords, of all colors, races and creeds, from all over the realm, raced out to secure their lands and their borders. Battling and defeating Balur and his minions, heroes old and new alike made history as they claimed new lands for their leagues.

As the dark lord was defeated, confusion reigned supreme: many areas, dominated by the most powerful leagues in the realm, saw their territories expand uncontested, but other experienced minor scuffles as uncertainty spread.

As we write this edition of the Chronicle, the dust has not yet settled, as it has been scarcely a day since the event began. Yet we are already starting to see some order and balance being restored to the realm.

In the Southwest, the Knights Templar expanded their area of influence once again, growing their borders in an amazing way.

New Beacons South West

Meanwhile, the remainder of the mid-South and the Southeast saw both the Anarchy leagues and the King of Kings beat back all opposition, growing their influence into the hinterlands. 

It was reported that there were some disagreements over the border they share. But this disagreement was resolved in a timely manner.

New Beacons Mid South Anarchy

New Beacons South East

Heading North, along the border, we saw a much more fractured state of affairs, as numerous leagues expanded their riches and control over turf. The King of Kings took many of the new beacons, while the Paladins Sanglants secured more in their newly gained lands. 

In addition to this, we saw the Dragoni, Fist of Honor and the DTC get strong footholds on the Eastern border lands, which has now clearly become the old Southern "no man’s land" of old.

New Beacons East

New Beacons East 2

New Beacons East 3

Continuing counterclockwise, we witness the ever-powerful Destiny league. They have greatly increased their influence once again and taken the Northeast corner virtually uncontested, despite their numerous enemies that have arisen due to the recent "server wars".

New Beacons North East

The mid-North saw the Fellowship, who has now finally come into its own as a league consisting of many former members of the Knights Templar. Their lands have grown significantly as of lately and this trend has not slowed down with the ushering in of these new beacons.

Bordering them is an old veteran of the realm, a league that once dominated the charts: the AoC. They have also reclaimed some of their former glory.

New Beacons Fellowship North

A much more gruesome and chaotic picture is painted as we head further East along the Northern border. The corner of the Northeast is now chopped and divided by many leagues, all vying for the same land space.

The Sultan Saladins have had a huge victory in securing a much coveted corner beacon, while the KoC, Pretoriani and Walking Dead also took small segments of land for themselves.

New Beacons North West

Finally, ending in the West, the Unforgiven Knights have safely taken new beacons—a huge feat, given the damage they took in the recent server wars. Alongside them we see the Chevaliers, The Force of Honor, the Ironclad and Dominus.

The Dominus league is one who has greatly risen to power as of late, which has gone unnoticed by many across the land. But, as can be clearly seen from the makeup of the map, they are now a true force to be reckoned with.

New Beacons West

New Beacons West 2

Leagues immediately set forth their workers by the thousands, delivered resources and began what many would call the greatest development project in this realm's history. Massive quantities of resources were sent, caravan after caravan, to these new beacons, as leagues of all sorts began to upgrade the defenses and value of their taken strongholds.

Yet, this was not all. Defenders of all races were dispatched in record numbers, as the new threat expanded into these newly taken and thus dangerous lands.

Leagues Upgrades New Beacons

Walking Dead Add D New Beacon

With this stunning rise of beacons, it is anyone’s guess as to what comes next. But rumor has it that all is not well. A new event is on the horizon. One that risks upsetting the balance of this realm, a new event only whispered about and talked about in hushed tones, known only as the Beacon Massacre...

This article was written by a player who granted permission for it to be posted on Any thoughts or views expressed herein are the player's own, and do not necessarily reflect the views of Plarium Global​.

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