The Capture the Flag Event Sweeps the Realms

In rapid succession, fortresses of renown are toppled and leagues’ flags are ripped from their grasp. The Capture the Flag event is once again here and the madness that unfolds threatens to shatter the realm.

Fast and Furious, the Event Unfolds

Another thunderous event, another bloody march of doom and destruction. The greatest event to ever grace our realm, the Capture the Flag event, has come and gone once again.

This time, the action was fast and furious, with the event highly anticipated and many leagues proactively making plans to strike out and capture as many flags as fast as they possibly could.

No league was more prepared for this event than the Emperors. This league once again proved that they are the masters of this event and once again dominated the charts, as they have in every other one of these events in the past.

Early results proved this fact once again.

Capture The Flag Early Results

But they were not the only league vying for glory. Numerous forces marched out and sacked each other’s fortresses. Some leagues were more than capable of taking control of others’ flags but unable to hold their own flags in the process. This is an unforgiving and gruesome event, in which the outcome is unknown to even the most knowledgeable.

Some battles were easy, as many leagues don't risk their forces in defending their flag. Given the fact that they cannot be downgraded at certain key levels, others still attempted to ward off their opposition and positioned great numbers in defending their fortresses. As a result of this, many large and bloody battles erupted across the entire realm.

Capture The Flag Tourney 2

Capture The Flag Tourney

Capture The Flag Tourney 3

Capture The Flag Ironclad

Capture The Flag Easy riders

Capture The Flag Hits

What is truly stunning is the fact that the above images are just a small fraction of the reports. Untold battles unfolded across our landscape and the devastation that was caused as a result of this event was historic.

The Emperors were not the only league to capture countless flags. Other, lesser-known and smaller leagues were able to pull off great feats of conquest in their own right, as seen with the Underworld league.


Alas, in the end, despite the success of numerous leagues and the tightness seen in the top ten rankings, the Emperors once again proved that they are the dominating force in this great challenge, and once again won the day, holding onto their title.

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