A Merger Gone Horribly Wrong

Two leagues, the DaM Nations and DaM Mad, intend on merging their forces and their lands under one banner. Plans are made, forces are mobilized, new uniforms are donned. All should go as planned, but does it?

Anarchy Interferes... Again!

A friendly trade, a merging of powers. All was laid out carefully, all planned well in advance. DaM Nations, one of the oldest leagues in our realm's history, intended to have DaM Mad, one of their subs-leagues, merge under their banner. It would go like clockwork, until it didn’t.

After having a number of their members come under the parent flag of DaM Nations, the word was put out and the two beacons occupied by DaM Mad were drained of their defenders. This was of course all in preparation of Nations overtaking and bringing these seats of power into their fold.

This plan went off without a hitch. The transfer was successful and the defense that DaM Nations built over the past month began to flow into the newly taken beacons, shoring up the walls with fresh defenders.

DaM Nations New Beacons

Then, after only a few short hours, something horrible and unpredicted unfolded. An enemy of theirs, smelling weakness and looking to victimize the DaM Empire mobilized a number of their Bannerman and marched out, looking to lay siege to Nations’ newly gained strongholds.

Nations was rocked by the forces that hit them; their defenders, although numerous, were simply not well-trained, too fresh to the field and overwhelmed by the seasoned veterans that scaled their walls.

Beacon 49 was the first to fall.

Anarchy takes DaM Nations new Beacon

Anarchy takes DaM Nations new Beacon 2

Anarchy takes DaM Nations new Beacon 3

Anarchy takes DaM Nations new Beacon 4

The destruction of life was nearly absolute. What little remained fled back to their castles, limping, wounded and defeated. 

Yet this would not be the end, another force was mobilizing against beacon 53, which was also destined to face a similar fate.

Anarchy Takes Down DaM Beacon 53

As can be seen from the report above, it too faced the same end of its sister beacon. Falling into the hands of Anarchy, these two seats of power were supposed to be the jewel brought forth in the merger between DaM Mad and DaM Nations, but proved to be a curse instead.

Immediately, the members of DaM Nations became alarmed, concerned and looking for leadership while the violence unfolded. Some made plans, while others simply waited in silence.

DaM Nations Rallys Against Anarchy

DaM Nations Rallys Against Anarchy 2

Still, in the end, even though small skirmishes erupted. DaM Nations simply could not afford to lose more troops and their leadership decided it was best to let these beacons go, at least for the time being.

Anarchy, having no intentions of holding onto these newly taken beacons, handed one over to their allies in the Republic Atredies, while the other was simply let loose.

Anarchy Hands DaMs Beacon 49 to Atredies

It is yet unknown whether or not the DaM Nations will be able to muster their allies in a full-blown retaliation against the Anarchy league, or if they will simply have to wait, biding their time for the right moment to strike. 

We are sure, that one one or another, violence will once again erupt between these two forces. It is only a matter of time, of that we are sure.

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