The Decline of a Once Great League

The End of Legacy?

A league, once prospering. Once growing, now in decline. This is a story that has played itself out time and time again across the realm, yet it is often dismissed or has a blind eye turned to it due to its unpleasant nature.
The natural progression of leagues in the realm is a fickle thing at best. What makes a league flourish and what makes a league stagnant is a formula that many Marshals throughout our great history have sought, with few finding the true answer.

At the center of this story is Legacy, once one of the fastest-growing leagues in the realm and arguably one of the most aggressive the realm has ever seen. This league, consisting of a large number of members that splintered from the DaM Empire, came onto the scene with swords drawn.
Entering into challenge after challenge and war after war, they were able to take down some of the most notable leagues in the realm. The war between Legacy and the Fist of Honor is one such example that was well recorded within the Stormfall Chronicles.

This war seen Legacy take on Fist of Honor and all five of their sub leagues, ending with many of the FoH leagues splintering from their parent league and asking for a ceasefire from Legacy.
This victory earned much respect for the league, but since this time, the league has been in a gradual decline that has accelerated within the last month.
Legacy was surprisingly absent from the Beacon Wars which rocked the realm to its very core. Since this time, they have chosen to stay on the sidelines and have been absent from any major war. Many have credited this as being one of the main reasons for their recent decline.
Ex-members have reported that stagnation set in within the ranks. Battle-hardened warriors yearned to enter the fray, but none were present for them to vent their frustrations and bloodlust.

In a realm dominated by war, this was not the formula the seasoned members of Legacy desired. The exit of members started with a drip and then all at once. Many, seeing their close friends and comrades leave chose to follow suit and move onto more aggressive and active leagues.
Before the exodus began, Legacy stood at over 110 members, at current writing this number is fluctuating in the 40's and expected to drop further. Their old Marshal has stepped down and the league is now led by the stout and well respected warrior Aries, an original member of Legacy.


Although only a fraction of their members remains, Legacy is not to be discounted fully as of yet. If able to regain their aggressive nature and leave a mark on the map, then they will once again naturally attract like minded players.
In the short term, many have questioned whether they will be able to hold onto their two seats of power, Beacons 116 and 148.

Legacy Beacons

In the long term, others are questioning whether they will simply continue to exist? Will they merge with another league, will they bring in a large pool of players from another league? 
The answers to these questions are yet unknown, but regardless of what happens to Legacy, its members will continue to fight on, leaving their mark on the map and their names in the history books.

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