Anarchy Surrounded on All Sides

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Four Leagues Crippled

Anarchy's quick rise to power has attracted many enemies, now those enemies are banding together to attempt to keep them in check. Will they be successful, or will Anarchy live to fight another day?

Welcome back loyal readers of the Stormfall Chronicle. This week we return to a league that has been much in the news as of late, this league is none other than Anarchy.
 Anarchy since its inception has seen a steady rise in power, as they continue to attract aggressive Bannermen to their flag due to the rapid expansion and extreme activity they have experienced.

Yet this activity has come with a price. Anarchy has made many friends in a short time, yet so too have they made enemies. This latter fact became all too relevant in the past week's events, in which Anarchy found themselves not only facing one enemy, but multiple.
The Chronicle received reports that KT, through its allies and connections, has pitted a number of leagues against Anarchy, in an attempt to stifle their growth and to keep them in check before their power becomes too great.

The first league to raise their head was Celtic Frost, which launched attack after attack on the ranks of Anarchy. These attacks came at a time when many of Anarchy's key members were away from their homelands and thus a number of successful blows on members' castles were successful, pillaging and wiping out anything left out.
The next to make their voices heard were Knights Templar 4, who stated that they would "Wipe Anarchy off the map along with their allies."

Plans were drawn and forces were gathered. An assault on Anarchy's seats of power, beacons #20 and #5, was orchestrated and the troops began their march.
During this time, Anarchy was not sitting idle. Their Captains gave the word to begin assaults on all known enemies and their units rampaged and smashed through defenders' keeps, sending many to hide in their catacombs to wait out the storm.

Still, the armies of the opposition marched on and soon made themselves visible. The first wave consisted of Dragons Keep II and Cherokee Nations, who assaulted and smashed themselves upon the walls of Anarchy's beacon #5.

Dragons Keep Fails Beacon

Dragons Keep Fails Beacon

Many attacks were seen, of which a sample has been presented above. At the height of hubris, Dragons Keep II were so confident that they had the forces to take Anarchy's beacon that they sent defensive units along with their final attack. Sadly, these units were sent to a massacre as history now reports.

A Captain in Anarchy congratulated their troops and released the following message for all to hear:

Dragons Keep Cherokee Beacons

Morale was high and the smell of victory was in the air, yet Anarchy was not in the clear yet. Their enemies, Celtic Frost and Legion Latina, were still on the move and their forces were about to strike their desired target.

Report after reported flooded in. The assaults were strong, defenders fell, but more took up the arms of the fallen and manned the ramparts, weathering the storm and riding the wave of attackers as they smashed against the walls of their stronghold.

Celtic Frost Fails Beacon

Celtic Frost Fails Beacon

Legion Latina Beacon

Legion Latina Beacon

Legion Latina Beacon

As can be seen from the sample of battle reports above, the attackers sent all sizes of attacks, some intended to soften the forces for their main assault. The reports flooded in and page after page of attacks were seen, all of which Anarchy withstood and repelled.

Fails Beacon

When the dust settled, the broken bodies of the fallen lay strewn across the fields, which were now churned to a mixture of blood and mud. 
The carnage witnessed was profound. Ironically, the ones calling for the attacks, The Knights Templar 4 were nowhere to be seen. Many wondered why they sent their allies to their doom.

The answer to this question is yet unknown by the Chronicle, but what is certain is that Anarchy was able to repel and defeat a total of four leagues that combined their forces in a united assault.

For now, things once again are calm. The attackers have returned to their lands to mend their wounds and regrow their strength, the defenders grieve those who gave their lives protecting their homelands and as always, the Chronicle searches and monitors the land for the next latest and greatest story. Until next time, be safe citizens of Stormfall.

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