Old Hatreds Rise Again

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The Knights Templar and Destiny continue to find themselves at odds.

Both sides engage in a wide scale battle and tensions flare. Is this a prelude to another Beacons Wars?

The Beacon Wars have come and gone, the days when lands all across the realm were torn asunder, leaving none spared. Yet, conflict still goes on: pockets of battle flare up here and there, for this land will never truly be at peace.

Two sides that find themselves at odds despite the end of the Beacon wars are the leagues Destiny and the Knights Templar, specifically the Knights Templar 2.

Both sides continue to call their bannerman to arms and raid the lands of the opposing faction, claiming resources, food and whatever else their men can carry. Although the battles are not to the grand scale that were seen in the days of the Beacon Wars, they are none -the -less gruesome and horrific in their own right.

An example of these hostilities came from the Marshal of Knights Templar 2, who raised the alarm and told his men to attack whatever and whoever they can wearing the Destiny flag.

KT II Destiny War

In response to the call to arms issued by the Knights Templar 2, scores of attacks landed at the gates of Destiny loyalists: some were successful, some were stopped in their tracks. Damage was inflicted on both sides.

The leadership in Destiny, never ones to sit idly by, informed their forces of the actions they have taken against the Knights Templar and their sub leagues, leagues that many claim are doing the bidding and dirty work of the Knights Templar.

Destiny Lately Hits

Shown in the battle reports above, the Marshal of Destiny highlights a number of failed hits by a league the Chronicle just recently reported on, the Ratcoms, whom Destiny claims are in the pocket of the Knights Templar (this is yet unconfirmed).

The Chronicle shares this series of battles for your viewing pleasure:

Destiny Attacks

Destiny Attacks

Destiny Attacks

Scores of dragons, legendaries and occult units fell in battle, never to return home again. This is but a small fraction of the conflicts that are flaring up across the realm, keeping our soldiers from their families and far from home.

If these battles between Destiny and the Knights Templar and their allies are not contained, then who is to say that we may not enter into another conflict such as the Beacon Wars? Let us pray that is not our future.

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