We Are Romania Fails in its Moment of Need

The battle was on!

We Are Romania came charging from the hilltops, banners fluttering in the wind, their warriors taking up the league’s battle cry. Yet a spell fell over the land, one that they claim was abnormal and odd. This spell sent a chill through their warriors’ bones and caused their strength to falter in their moment of need.
To say the least, this battle did not go to plan. The target was Legion Latina's beacon #187 and We Are Romania had tested and calculated what was needed to defeat it. Yet all their planning and predictions were shattered. 

Beacon 187

The anomaly fell over the warriors of We Are Romania just as they reached the gates of Beacon 187. The defenders were completely unaffected by this spell and stood upon ramparts raining death down upon their would-be assailants. 
The spell that I speak of, that which We Are Romania claims afflicted them, reduced their league strike’s strength, diminishing the true results that were supposed to be inflicted and thus causing We Are Romania's warriors to fail in their intended goal of taking Beacon 187.

Beaten, bruised and stunned at what just happened, the lords and leadership of We Are Romania sounded the alarm, calling for their warriors to retreat back into the safety of their lands.
The cause of their victory mattered little for Legion Latina: All that mattered was the fact that they had defeated their opposition and cast them from their lands.

The tables had now turned, Legion Lation rallied their forces and called their Bannerman to arms. They were to march. The target? Beacon 115. The goal? Retribution.
Warriors infiltrated deep into the lands of We Are Romania. Beacon 115 was an easy choice, for if they were able to move undetected into the interior lands of We Are Romania, then the target would be lightly defended. The assumption was correct.

Beacon 115 fell to the onslaught of vengeful warriors, but the intentions of Legion Latina was not to hold, simply to inflict pain. The beacon was abandoned and the next phase of the plan fell into place.

League after league of opportunists arose from across the lands, smelling the blood in the air and hoping to expand their lands. Beacon 115 became a battleground of bloodshed as leagues took their turns capturing and losing this seat of power.

Battle Beacon 115

In the end, the league left standing was the Ratcoms, a relatively new and largely unknown league that is looking to carve out its name in the history books.

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