Stormfall’s Niathi Unit Review

Unit reviews


By A.R. Montgomery



Plarium says:

“Every ten years the Brotherhood of Warlocks claims a girl-child from among the Half-Elven of Ravenwood to be inducted as an acolyte of the dark arts at Tyr Sibrydion. Should they survive their training; the girls grow to become Niathi – fierce warrior adepts equally skilled with both bow and sorcery. Defensive Infantry under their command fight with renewed vigor under the protection of the dark warding’s cast by their mistresses.”

So they are good looking, half elven sorceress-warrior women with big bows that are cool for Defensive action! Right, nice! So for all of you Lords or ladies out there who need to inject some life into your Defense either at your Castle or for missions, then this is who you want leading the charge with the right supporting units! 


The Niathi are Legendary Units

“Each additional Defensive Infantry unit under a Niathi warrior’s command receives a bonus to their defensive statistics.”

So as we can see in the screenshots below, 1 Niathi can add enhanced power up to +100 units that support it. Depending on the type of unit, they receive a positive edge to their standard fighting ability. In the first screen shot we can see that a Ballista receives +42, and in the second example even your basic archer receives +13. Add 100 Archers to a Niathi and they have a combined expansion of defensive capability of +1300 points. Of course you can also see that 1 Niathi can have up to +4400 points influence on the supporting units, and this is why legendary Units are the cool element within Stormfall!




Available now from your friendly Black Market on browser versions and soon on the mobile version!


Use your Niathi with your Defensive Infantry Units – there are a whole heap of them, from Archers and Dwarves, to Lost Ones, Wardens, Bear Riders, Arbalesters and Ballistae.


A Legendary Niathi – just one – will enhance an accompanying group of low level basic defensive Infantry units and take them from being throwaway Battleground fodder to a formidable defensive force that can achieve great things. Most importantly, if used correctly, defensive infantry deployed with a Niathi can actually stop those foolish enough to raid or attempt to besiege your Castle! 

Niathi can really be the difference between keeping your Castle safe and secure, along with your Resources, or losing them all to a rival. When people see Niathi guarding your Castle, they’ll usually see it as a sign of power and planning … smoke and mirrors my friends!


Visit the Black Market, open your wallet and spend the coin. Think of it as an investment – the amount of time and money Niathi will save you with re-training low level Defensive Infantry Units will make them worth the investment. The Niathi are useful as they take your lowest level units that everyone can produce free and give them a fighting chance. Add this to the number of units the Niathi can enhance and you are probably looking at the most important Legendary Unit available to Lords and Ladies of Stormfall.