An Untold Amount of Beacons Fall as Madness Erupts

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Never before has a beacon massacre resulted in such total and absolute destruction. All over the realm, armies clash and leagues are wiped off the map.

Another Beacon Massacre was approaching; you could feel it in the air. The electricity was all around the realm, resting just out of reach, but nonetheless there. The taste of blood could already be felt in the mouths of many, as they awaited the inevitable carnage that was about to be unleashed on the realm.

This Beacon Massacre was anticipated by many--some favorably, such as those in the ranks of Anarchy who were looking to exact their revenge, while others dreaded it, as is typical of the occasion, knowing that the day would come with many costs.

Leagues began their preparations, for better or for worse. The Fellowship was the ones who took the most extreme precautions, dropping all of their level five beacons, in anticipation of attacks from either Anarchy or the Emperors.

Fellowship Downgrade

Leagues Prepare Beacon  Massacre

Leagues Prepare Beacon Massacre

The day had come at last, and unlike those in the recent past, which started out slow and then began to pick up steam, this day's events were totally different. Anarchy came out with swords drawn, putting many assumptions to rest as they launched a full-blown assault on their arch-rivals, the Knights Templar.

Anarachy Takes 546 KT

Anarchy Takes 482 KT

Anarchy Takes Beacon 542

Anarchy Takes KT Beacon 481

Anarchy Takes KT Beacon 421

Anarchy Takes KT 478

Anarchy Takes KT Beacon 547

As can be seen from the reports above, Anarchy carved out the heartlands of the Knights Templar territory, taking down beacon after beacon.

Not stopping there, they continued on and took down a number of the Fellowship of Dam's beacons, as well as the Rebels. In total it is being reported that they took down roughly twenty-four level five beacons throughout the day.

Yet, they were far from the only ones that launched attacks that days, the AoC utterly decimated the Knights of Camelot as they tore through their homelands, taking down every single one of their beacons in the process.

Wiped Out

Meanwhile, in the Western marches, the Unforgiven Knights were once again wiped off the map, an event that Destiny has repeated over and over again at their enemy's expense.

Unfortunately, this did not save the forces of Destiny from retaliation. Their sworn enemies, the Emperors, threw everything they had into an invasion, crippling and taking down the last bastions of power the Destiny league held onto.

Emps Take Destiny Beacon 598

Emps Take Destiny Final Beacon

Numerous other battles were fought all over the map--truly too many to keep track of--as monstrous armies could be seen migrating from the North to the South and from the West to East. As the results were tallied, it became very clear that much destruction had occurred that day.

Beacon Mass Final Results

The Emperors and Destiny ended in the first and second place position as a result of their epic battle, while the Anarchy and Knights Templar battles netted them the third and fourth spots.

The ramifications of these battles will become clearer in the coming days, and you can rest assured that the Chronicle will follow them closely, bringing you the latest news that affects the realm you call home.

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