The Emperors Launch a Surprise Attack

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The Eberron, a relatively peaceful league, now finds itself under siege. Will they be able to repel the offenders, or will they fall victim to the hordes of warriors they now face?

Out of nowhere, a huge battle has erupted within the interior of the realms. The target: Eberron, a relatively quiet league that had no idea what was about to be unleashed upon them and their forces.

The offender? The Emperors and their massive army of bloodthirsty minions. The Eberron never stood a chance, but then again, does anyone truly have a hope these days if they attempt to overextend themselves and hold beacons in any great quantity?

Coming out of the woodwork, the Emperors began by launching softening blow after softening blow against the surprised defenders of the Eberron. 

Their captains attempted to rally their forces, but sadly the attacks had already begun and there was little they could do, other than hope to weather the unrelenting storm they now faced.

Eberron Fight Emps

Emperors Take Beacon 618

Emperors Soften Beacon 548

Increasingly, as the attacks continued to land on the heads of the Eberron defenders, it became obvious that their forces were weakening and the dam was about to break, and that is exactly what happened. Beacon after beacon began to crumble and their gates burst into a million pieces as they could no longer resist the tidal wave washing over them.

The leadership of Eberron called for a full-blown retreat, but for many, it was already too late.

Eberron Retreats

Emperors Besiege Beacon 267

Emperors Take Beacon 316

Emperors Take Beacon 485

Emperors Soften Eberron

Emperors Take Becaon 549

As the dust settled, the true horror of the situation began to set in. Members of the Eberron were flooded with report after report, showcasing just how many attackers had besieged them and just how much damage had been inflicted upon them.

A feeding frenzy set in as numerous other leagues participated in the action, only adding the chaos the realm faced during this period of time.

Emperors Hit Eberron 2

Emperors Hit Eberron

Feeding Frenzy Eberron Beacons

Now many are wondering what comes next. Can the Emperors be stopped? Can the Eberron fight back against this powerful enemy on their own, as they have vowed to do, or will shadowy figures emerge, offering them assistance?

Rumors within the realm are stirring, but that is a story for another time, and another edition of the Stormfall Chronicles. Until then, be safe and keep your blades at the ready, for war is brewing.

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