New Power Alliances Are Formed

A major announcement has been made: the Coralition is no more! What will come next? What will happen in the realm? Can anyone ever be truly safe? Major events are unfolding... are you prepared?

The End of An Era

Is this the end of an era? A huge announcement was  recently made by Test, the Marshal of the League “Destiny” and one of the key members of a major power alliance: The Coralition.

This announcement may have come as a shock to many, although those closest to Test had been expecting such an announcement for quite some time. Regardless, the disbanding of The Coralition will send shock waves that could change the course of history in Stormfall. 

The Coralition, the force that stood up to Knights Templar when it threatened to engulf the entire map, is no more. It has been officially abolished as an organization that binds like-minded Leagues and their members. 

End Of An Era

Some of the reasons behind this decision were mentioned in the message above by Test, who broke the news to the realm. He is correct in his assumption that Knights Templar do not hold the power they once did. Key members have been lost in recent times - something that the Chronicle has followed in depth. 

What does this mean? Is something greater and more powerful brewing behind the scenes? Are key members of The Coralition looking to strike out on their own and do battle? Without the treaties that bound them to The Coralition, this is a distinctly possible scenario that could unfold in the near future. 

Certainly, changes are afoot. TheRepublicAtredies has recently broken all ties with Knights Templar, and removed them from their ally list, while adding their most hated enemy, Anarchy, as a friend.

Atredies Drops Ally KT

There have been more dramatic developments still. Destiny, arguably the most powerful League in the realm at the moment, has also added Anarchy to its ally list. This announcement was made by Crusher, the Marshal of Anarchy.

New Alliances are Formed

Whenever old alliances are broken, new ones are quickly formed. This is something that the Chronicle, having followed these trends in the past, knows to point to an even larger power shift. Is a battle of epic proportions, the likes of which have not been seen since the Beacon Wars, in the works? Or is this simply a reflection of the times and a changing of the seasons?

What we know for certain is this: nothing stays quiet for long in Stormfall. A mighty tempest is just around the corner. Are you prepared?

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