Leagues Refuse to Bow Down

Diplomacy across the realm has always been a fickle matter at best. The Chronicle brings you an update about some of the most powerful Leagues’ standings and most recent updates of war.

Diplomacy Across the Realm

War, a never ending event in the realm of Stormfall. It is hard to keep your head wrapped around who is battling who and where each League stands in regards to the other. Some are at constant wars, others enter into skirmishes that last only a few days.

In our long and proud history, we have had epic battles that have almost burned the world to ashes, we have had cities pillaged and watched great lords toppled as their hubris got the best of them and they could not admit defeat before all was lost.

The times have changed little in this regard, the only thing that has has is some of the key players. Although many remain the same, proving that some can stand the tests of time and be victorious, but for how long?

Tensions remain high amongst a number of key Leagues, such as the war that continues on between the Guardians of Avalon, their allies the Knights of Camelot and their enemy, the Walking Dead.

Tension GoA Walking Dead Continues

Tension GoA Walking Dead Continues 2

The Walking Dead, although attempting to resolve the conflict, have discovered that their enemy is not going anywhere. As indicated by a recent message, they thought matters were resolved, but in reality they were far from it.

Tensions Easing GoA Walking Dead

GoA KoC Continues Attacks WD

This conflict has been dragging on for months and many speculate that it will only end when one League lies broken and battered, buried in the ashes of their fallen comrades. We at the Chronicle, having followed these events, have to agree and fear a larger beacon battle brewing between these contestants.

Elsewhere, the noble Destiny League finds themselves once again battling a smaller League that wishes to make its mark upon the realm and claim its place in the history books of Stormfall.

Destiny Wyverns Horde At odds

Issuing a great wave of attacks, the Destiny league ultimately laid great waste to the Wyverns Hordes and their ranks. Although this is a battle that we doubt is over as well, having seen their members sent into hiding, but not defeated, we expect that it is only a matter of time before the Wyverns Horde rises again, striking back once again.

Finally, the Knights Templar, having recently seen one of their beacons fall to the Anarchy league, have already moved on to new conflicts of their own. Choosing to focus on what they can control and those causing their members the most grief at this current time.

kt3 ODDS with Unforgiven

Beacon Raiders KT2 fair Game

Sending out a message to his members, Aaron, the Marshal of KT3, has called for his members to strike back at the Unforgiven Emperors, a growing and powerful League.

Whether or not they will be able to overcome this prospering foe is yet to be seen, but highlights the fact that the Knights Templar are embattled on many fronts, having lost many of their allies recently, conflict is surfacing all around them.

With tensions running high, it is only a matter of time before another major conflict breaks out. Battle lines will be drawn: who will reign supreme?

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